Friday, April 3, 2009

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It was 1978, when I started, Oregon City, Oregon, (If my mother) in Newport, Minnesota, where he had lived all my life. (Well, for 15 years.) I do not know anyone in Oregon, and I have friends who are not in school, so I think Hitchhiker home. Quite simply, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Well, it was not easy and is not a piece of cake. Auto-STOP was different, the fun has gèneJ'ai gemeight and aufccess, and on average, you do not know how crazy.

Sometimes with a good heart, good intentions, show me the links map.They say: "Yes, in this way to drop one hundred miles or more." I believe them. Therefore, what normally happens is that the arrest in a street in the middle of nowhere in the night. (With the Dead, I am not saying that the way).

  E 'stato momentun cold this year. One night the snow began toUndTemperatur air to blow fell. I was so cold, the wind made me feel that I have no clothes at all. I go and go, it seemed like forever. I was so bad, chills, and I am so tired. I thought it was not from the wind, that I am to die, a serious problem. I looked for housing, there is none. There were no towns or houses or ARBRE or anything, miles and miles of hills, with snow white. So I have to go further.

Ihave an old wooden fence, most of which was, there are still about ten meters away from the wall is still standing. I said that the wind and time. All I could hear the howling of the wind had teeth, and shakes. I folded behind the fence. I knew that I did not sleep, but I was so tired statoais. I started to drift of to sleep and just before me, I quepa cold. Here is when I realized that I was dying. I have come to believe is theEnd, I asked.

I do not know how long I was behind the fence, was the first time a diesel truck escuchaund. I did not know that the path is fast enough so that it can not see through me anyway POLVEREflusso. I heard the sound of the brake valves. I thought, why the hell is this? So I penséWho cares? Drowsily because they stopped and I straight up, I staggered obviously drunk. The truck was CIRCA hundred yards from the road, the driver  was apparently the control of its load.

I unosdiez behind his team, when I screamed into the wind in squeaky voice for 16 years. "I can take a walk?" I sear is fear and looked at all knows what. Then she called again, "not courtierest" I was shocked, I cried,

"If I'm here I die." This is exactly as I said. Last Heading towards me, looked me dead in the eyes. We are here for the other in  the middle of nowhere with a storm of snow around us for a few seconds before deel nodded his head and said:

"Get in" It's hot in the cabins, I have a cup of hot coffee thermos. We talked and he drove the whole night. Come in late morning, said he had maintenantra north. As I said,

"Well, thank you, you saved my life."

"Well, see what I can do." The truck driver has the radio and the suoi friends. He has an Relais to Newport, I believe my door of the sisters.

I am 44 hours, I've always wanted with the truck driver who has vidaese my day.

I have the drivers for the end of the night, why quit? The truck driver said that in his 17 years driving tractor-trailers which have never lost their canvas. He is proud, as from his office. I could not understand how the tent was just about this Zeitpunkttion. I wonder if it was a coincidence?

Well, ifsomeone asks for help me about this experience and I say: "What can I do to help?

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