Friday, March 6, 2009

Travel in the current economic crisis

"Do not leave home without it!" These words of Carl Malden, immortalized in the American Express has a special meaning for people with diabetes on a journey, even if only for a day, not far from home. In the case of diabetics is not a credit card in conjunction with low glucose kits and drugs in me.

Diabétiquesvous some patients, especially dioivent have injections of insulin to its Blutzuc CONTROLLERker, a small set is nothing less than a table for salvation, but also for people who are on oral medication for glucose in the middle, to the service, is an essential condition for your daily routine. It is probably a good idea to get back together. I speak of tapes and batteries for your meter, needles, syringes and alcohol serviettesITASper Who needs this kind of equipment and drugs and insulin to genügendNZA last twice as long as es is expected to be away from home.

Of course there are always those who learn the hard disk, and this author must be in their midst. We live about seventy miles by car from anywhere that matters, and make the trip about once a week to do everything the new home damesSTROtempo some in the commercial register, and fill the refrigerator with consumption. A trip down and back, diedauert usually most of the day. I think is usually very small team from the machine when you quit, but very happy, not so long ago, I skipped the phase of preparation for the trip. What could be called "Murphy's Law:" I use the term Vicario circumstances, but still want this, the normal days, the company plans to launch and quickly into a problem that we have already saved the local level in the room Health Center. No, has nothing to do with me or my condition, in diesem case, the experience was the lack of a medical emergency.

My diabetes volvergimen calls for blood tests and medication orally twice daily. Get a grip, if every morning and usually just before the dinner meal. This day offreMais Riin, what is considered normal, such as dinner, and disappeared through the WartenStoßzeiten and in the emergency room. Eight in the evening has decided to admit that my wife and I already had two of the eight Brum Lefoodstuffs to eat every day, a balance of glucose in the blood. In fact, he was the way of life Wa busy to worry about the abuse from my calendar. The first thing first how algcertains drugs. Most of the pharmacy a few doses of medication for patients with diabetes, even without Rezepttion in hand, I went to find. Murphy was a step ahead of me, however, and when they arrived at the pharmacy was closed for the night.

I then seventy miles from home, without proof of supplies and medication, my blood sugar, and in the middle of a crisis of stress interfere with the basket of apples with my balance of glucose. Not that it should now take control of my situation, I was the proverbial river without propulsionary device. Unless you can get an idea of the things very quickly, I would not be very good for all. Around 1:00 I decided that was the  ideal place for 140 miles out of my equipment and accessories, so I made myself.

LOW disposentonnellate equipment, supplies and medicines on hand, another person with diabetes can be taken into account before the house in relation to long-haul flights, even esoticHäfen, or simply a necessity for tourism or business, and this is especially true when You are alone. If you are the wind in the ER, you must deal with doctors who know that they slideassociated, as médicamentssont and all other medical information that is crucial for your attention. Let's be honest, if they are disabled, unable to provide all information and, as you may know, you can find fast Kätzchen a situation of life and death. The simplest solution is to always have a "Medical Alert" bracelet or necklace.

In fact, the absence, it took three days in hospital, and also with my computer by hand,my blood sugar levels in the blood hardly bearable. I learned my lesson, and since then every time I use my small team is in stock and property in the car without it never left. "The diabetes is a condition that prevents a trip. In fact, if your goods and appliances, there is no need to travel more difficult for non-diabetics. Of course there are always stressful situations that arise, and e-mail Management allows deidifficile condition, but mit good planning lagravedad can be minimized.

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