Sunday, March 8, 2009

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The last thing you need when you travel by plane is the victim of a myth of common air transport policy.

If you use the phone in flight, the aircraft will be reduced.

On each flight, the flight attendant announced that the demand of the passengers to take their mobile phones and portable electronic devices because they interjections in the government of Avion. If vousles Flight Attendantsgefragt whether Unay before thechriften, the answer would be that it is a regulation of the civil service.

It is a myth. First, the Department of Civil Aviation has the controls in the steering of the aircraft with electronic devices such as iPods, laptops and Game Boy. For over 25 years, the radio interjections of electronic devices, the increase dpiù 100 mminerai at various levels and distances of less than one meter from the cockpit sensitción electronics. And absolutely nothinghappens. Therefore, it is true that the Department of Civil Aviation, the legislation banning the use of electronic devices on board? It seems unlikely.

Moreover, in the regulations, the Civil Aviation Authority reported that there was no evidence of any cross-correlation oconnexionentre and the use of electronic devices and heckling in the system to fly a plane, were found. EstoSin no solution. Corresponds to the discretions of the individual companies to decide how to formulate their policy. Therefore, if you ignore the flight attendants, on your BlackBerry, you may be against the rules of society and can be convicted of obstruction of the work of assistants. The aircraft is not in decline, and to send messages to your friends.

Recyclable AIR CABIN sick can be done.

A large part of the demand of passengers in the way of  Recycling is air in the cabin of the aircraft led to the development of the virus and the cold. This statement may be an element of truth, but not yet scientifically proven. Firstly, modern aircraft are designed, created ariaal off when flying at high altitudes. In theory, the cold air from the atmosphere (about -40 to -60 degrees Celsius) is heated from the plane and the equipment is returned to the cabin, the removal of the old atmosphere. However, ist the proces requires large quantities of fuel and fuel costs. So many companies are already recycling the air in the cabin outside a small percentage of fresh air.

Therefore, if a passeggeroinfluenza, then the rest of the passengers to breathe the air that is recycled and where the risk for the virus. However, there is no scientific evidence on this issue. So if you want to avoid the possibility of the virus obteneralgunos need to constantly hydrate you  Your body during the flight, washing your hands often and keep the person in your head most of the fans.

If your flight is delayed or canceled, it is automatically compensated and THEBERGE and all other costs are reimbursed.

In reality, it is a myth. You are entitled to compensation at all and receive no compensation if a delay or cancellation is known as "God." For example, questions related to the climateis clearly a "force majeure", but a mechanical problem aboard the compagnie aviation liability and compensation paid.

If lel'annulation is the responsibility of the airline re-route to their final destination as soon as possible, but not required by law to a. In general, your next flight disponibi

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