Sunday, March 8, 2009

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The Middle East is a region consisting of many different countries. These countries differ in their habits, languages and stability. If you are planning a trip to Iraq, the opinion would be different when it comes to travel in Tunisia.
You should also contact your doctor or clinic in the city, which vaccinations for travel to the country that you visit. In many countries in Eastern Moyin, because these diseases such as typhoid and malaria are still quite differentspreads, and can avoid a lot of complaints on the right, the vaccine before leaving the country.
The knowledge of particular social and cultural standards, in many parts of the Middle East, frowning, as the mixing of the sexes and revealing clothes. It is no longer a problem in some countries than others. You can read more about these issues with conil visited the tourist office websites.

In Egypno, you canone of the greatest culture that people have never known. Artifects ancient Egypt, in various museums and the pyramids of Giza is a page for each person with an interest in the history of travel to see. Egypt is home to one of the oldest in Christianity, religious sects, but also, and the country has many historic churches, the tourists are invitatilegami visit. The same can be said about the Islamic historiqueIa where ancient mosques and citadels  acogidol were. Egypt is also the home of world-renowned Al-Azhar. Many historical sites, Egypt is the cradle of cultural diversity with many wonderful people. The famous Khan Khalili bazaar in Cairo, where you can use all types of art and like to cruise the Nile with dancers, music and cucinane.

Another great place for a holiday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates lÉmirats in this city that really erheblichesfür the view because itis an intersection between the past and modernizatde ions, and a mixture of many cultures. Entering the village, we immediately noticed the diversity of people living in the country. As a result, Dubai has its own flavor to the Middle East. It is also a place for others in the Middle East, because it is unable to activities that are not farlont open and easily accessible in their countries, such as nightclubs and alcohol. You will also note that inDubai, May cortdh women dressed in a tank and have no fear of harassment. The reason is that the police of the city is very respected and accusations against people are treated promptly. Tourists must also be a shock after visiting various shopping malls in Dubai. How does a big shopping mall? Vousendería surprise. One of the most popular shopping malls in the country has a ski-bridge. This is the artificial snow. Call Sow in advance, but the royal family are known to vonRaum the setting for private celebrations. Another center was designed to viajesde a famous Arab scholar Ibn Kathir. You will see that you are in another country and then continue on foot. Dubai has canals and the various souks, or bazaars, the souks of orlaisser overwhelmed by the diversity of styles of gold. And some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world in Dubai.
Dubai is a city ofLuxury and relaxation at the end. If you are pampered in the white sand beaches, Dubai is the destination for

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