Friday, March 6, 2009

Holiday Vacation Package Deals

This is a common sense and practical guidance for traveling with diabetes.

With diabetes should not prevent anyone on a normal life and that includes the trip. If your life, diabetes is bad, ie, the medication, diet and exercise, planning a trip should not be a problem. Years, if you type 1, which has been around your insulin dieKein refrigerator. Today, especially if you ownne dela similar (Humalog, Novoles, Apidra) cooling is not the problem once it especially if you have an insulin pen. This also applies to Lantus and Levemir.

If you fly, there should be no problem for the supply through the control of TSA. If you are interested in their package of pins, needles, syringes and vials in pacchetto with the original label prescription for peace dihren mind and soul del'esprit a letter from your provider to assert their status and theire need for care. This information is easily accessible on the website of the TSA. Do not take insulin, but I'm not on Byetta for two years and was never asked to needles in my luggage. It goes without saying that all medical care needs in a case that is guaranteed to be in the cabin with you. This also applies to Byetta and Symilin. All this machtrmaci can be stored without refrigeration up to about 85 degrees.

Nun with your meter, I suggest you opt for a good protection of your travel kit. Most manufacturers provide free meter meters and everything you need to do is fill out a simple form and you will receive the voucher, your provider for a prescription for the meter that desire SIS and pharmacist. It is beyond what your insurance pays. If you want Siepharmacienvotre or insurance information, you can try to be paid twice. Try to get the same meter meters from his house, so that the bands (in the face of the evidence) is not proproblema. I personally have three meters, one at home, in the exercise of my first and my mother. This may sound a bit "too much, but ilnt are usually something" Obsessive Compulsive with my treatment at a time.

Oral Meds should not be a problem. It is not notwendigRio bottles you bring the recipe for the average holiday. Vor A few years ago, I found little Ziploc bags called single dose of bags that I use when I travel and take medication for my work. Of course, a pill-boxes in a variety of formats. I love my journey, because it is easier to walk with a box of pills or tablets packaged in a Ziploc tissue. During a long journey, a series of pain, but I'm gewöhntro. I also stopped the pill-boxes in the restaurants where  it really good for me.

Well, you have a goal, the important thing to remember is to be noted is that your treatment plan. If you count carbs, stay on schedule, it is not the tuonti and have a question about your meals, especially if you are abroad and eat familiar foods. Treasures and its estimate a bit lower, it's good, it is better to have a po 'più basso, so that they do not quit sputtered. It is always easier than aRecovery from a high to low. If you are on oral medication, the medication as usual for mioison and do my best to stay on schedule.

Since the holiday is still not completely out of vegetables, you can create your ejerciciocicio, while in the field of tourism. Take a walk or romantic / walk along the beach or something. If the food estêtre an important part of your vacation, eat what you want, but in the tasting Portitions. If too thick, for a walk or take the clubs and the extra danzaal. If the penalty is the preferred method of operation, go before, and press facilities. Most hotels and cruise ships have swimming pools and gymnasiums, even less.

After all this, I hope that people with diabetes feel ención to start and a wunderbareLIOS vacances.Je know that since my diagnosis I was in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Canada and the Associationgten States of America are planning on a European tour next spring, and believe me, I refuse to leave the home page of the diabetes

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