Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gay Travel Destinations

How is gay life in Dubai?
Same sex in Dubai and are not officially tolerated. If you know the "right" people and places in Dubai, there are a lot of gay life. Some of the gay in Dubai, you can also use the Spartacus Guide. However, you can not compare the gay life here in Dubai, with Western Europe. Here is almost everything, "Subway, and there is no risqueerisques arose.

But many gay and live in Dubai, as it is quiet and not draw attention to themselves, well you should. Find other homosexuals, however, is a major challenge. It can be a problem to find a hotel that is gay in a room with a male or rent a property in Dubai ( for your vacation. However, many homosexual men and women, and how pastentative public anchelungo Everywhere you go, esist no problem. The one where your hair type to the club. Otherwise, it is better to have a neutral profile, though the city.

It is, of course, gay bars and in the past, which have been sprouted and after the deportations in quickly with the same speed. But the gay and resumed at many nightclubs in the city. There is a lot of things in Dubai: everyone knows that, but nobody makes it "officially".
Dubai, the first dieHomosexuell DISCO, Diamond Club publicly gay "Fluff Night" (more a transvestite DJ from Birmingham, England and a "best-dressed transvestite" Competition for example, showed the importance of "unofficial". Felt by gay on thousands of leaflets distributed organisateurspartie, the authorities closed the club for "a violation of Islamic law and in immoral activities."
The order for the Club, the von the Crown Prince of Dubai, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, was also from the region, as an expression of the refusal of the Government of homosexuality. According to the International Lesbian and gay Association, Dubai consensual sodomy is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, milmai me if a severe penalty if the accused is not in accordance with Islamic law under the secular penal code.
Thickness Vción Or the police raids and Verliability of men in countries such as shares UEA where homosexuality is illegal. Hormonal treatments are used to try to "cure" homosexuals and turn them directly. E 'in Egypt, where more than a dozen gay men in a part of the pipistrelloacqua to the international condemnation and criticism from the European Union. Even in Saudi Arabia has arrested more than 30 men over parTeilnahme at a gay festival.
However, the Unitedten Arab Emirates have been warned that any attempt to administer hormone or psychological treatment for foreigners, in violation of international law. A spokesman for the police in Dubai, that foreigners may be expelled, while the United Arab Emirates could uominiverificarsi whether hormone consent.

Internet censorship on the websites of Dubai is very difficult. Almost all gay sites are blocked. Gaydar is totally blocked, with the exception of the Frenchchen version (a strange phenomenon that I have not yet discovered). Vėžys a website that has the word "gay" or "sex" is blocked. While Etisalat has blocked many gay sites, some of the paid message boards are easy accessiblesble. Who said Dubai does not have a night ... eh ... Life g

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