Sunday, March 8, 2009

Employment in The Travel Industry

I worked in Iraq. I'm an idiot, as a contractor for more than a year. This is the first time I was in the region, and to be honest with you do not know what to expect during the first here. I saw the news about the horrible things and horrible people, and there was a lot of anxiety about coming here. When I arrived, I realized that the people of these countries honestamente are not very different, dassoder Americans. Of course, life is much harder, and do not have the luxury and the benefits that we too often take for granted, but people like us. Iraq, for example, is a predominantly Muslim country. They take seriously their religion, pray, and 3 or 4 times per day. Do not drink and not eat certain foods, especially pork products. They follow their religion, Manon were extremisten. IrakiensJe know and take into account Sietti friends, nuevopecto my religion (Catholic), and not think badly of me, because I am not a Muslim and is not against the Christians, based on the fact that they have the same religion. Not unlike America. In America, many religions co-exist with little or no problem. The Catholics do not hate the Baptists, Lutherans do Baptist hatred. It's the same thing. Often talking with the Iraqisof religion. They believe that religion religions the right to Maldá but I do not believe me, because I never have the same thing.
This assessment is commonly practiced throughout the Middle East. You may not hate you because they are Muslims. You can, if the hate, they know that Americans are, but not on the basis of their religion. The most important thing to remember is respect for their religion. It is not an insult to the measures whichun manque they have respect for their religion. The most important thing you have to say: This is not America. KEINEDas right in America. The rules and regulations differ from another country to go, and is associated with this field. Depending on which country you go to the Middle East, some of which do not.
The Middle East is very exciting and beautiful place to visit. It is important to choose the right destination eassicurarsi that is the judgereduction in time. Personally, I was recommended for the first adventure in the Middle East in a beautiful city of Dubai UAE ONUtado To an American who is at home. It is an excellent place for the whole family. There are many shops, attractions, beaches, golf courses and theme parks. The best part of Dubai, is his attitude. Here you will find an ethnic group under the sun. The Americans are welcome, and the American Farell wed almost everywhere in the city. The people are very friendly, and it seems as if English is the lingua only spoken. I was in Dubai AIEHT times, and have a good time, all the time. It is the only place in the entire Middle East, I did not have to worry about people knowing that I am in America. The nightlife is excellent, with many bars and clubs. Here you will find all the food chains of America. If you are a fan of gold, then it is paradise. Gold is cheaper here, rund around the world. Here you can find beautiful pieces at incredible prices. There is usually one of my favorite places to go to relax and not to worry about my safety. The crime is very low, in this city. I do not have exact figures, but I do not think there's any crime. I remember a taxi driver told me the story of an era. He said: "They sleep on the pavement, and the stack of $ 1 million in bar and sit beside her. You can sleep the whole night, and to guarantee, when you wake up, the money remains. "I must admit that I think that is correct. A wonderful place. I think that this issue can be read by people who are skeptical about the visit to the Middle East, for the first time, so in my opinion, is far from being the target of choice for the visit in the Middle East.
What to do, and it is not. Not all Fall the people on the spot to take photos without permission. If a man and a woman together, if they are married, and directed all questions to the people. Do not deal with women. (Remember, you are not American todamás). Not talking, not touching, and especially a woman, with a traditional Arab cover. This is the highest form of disrespect, and create bigger problems, but nothing. Do not wear clothes that you have said, as Wahrzcalibrate the American flag. Try as discreetly as possible. Not the attention, especially in countries like Kuwait and Riyadh. There are many different nationalities in these cities and can facilmKörper in connection with a problem. Not with the money people in the streets. It is illegal in most countries, sometimes as a series of extortion. Do not travel alone, especially after sunset. Do not enter a Muslim mosque. It is OK to die photos from the outside, for example, but in any case a time.
A collection of books in Arabic sentences. Most countries in the Middle East, we speak a little English, but it is best to learn some phrases in Arabic. It will not open and fair decision-making. Travel in pairs and in the tourist zones remain. The hotel and shopping trips, and make sure that you are in a safe place. Always know your surroundings. Make youre trip carefully. It is not a good idea to travel to the Middle East for the most important religious festivals. Get a list of all the laws and customs of the country you are visiting. Kuwait, for example, is a "dry" country. E 'illegal to possess alcohol. Last but not least, more ricordoNON IN AMERICA. The rules are not the same as here.

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