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Urban Legends are one of the most fun and unusual aspects of human behavior. It's almost guaranteed that if something is not everything, or that we are in fear, bizarre urban legends that are around him. The urban legends, despite their often ridiculous, are passed around by word of mouth as absolute truth, to a "friend of a friend", and always without questioning or thinking Critico racionalcal.

  Air is no exception to this rule. Why the air? Well, the truth is that the property - the air is rare. Even for those of us who believe that we understand the physics behind it is quite daunting to get out of the window of an airplane and see the earth thousand meters below, with the air only what you use. It is amazing freshness and nousteurs, as a kind of advantage, but at the same time, its mysterious nature is what gives the airrkehr urbanasleyenda fields.

What are the urban legends around the air, some of which entlarvt wrong? We will see some of them, and not a little strange, very strange for others. Enjoy ...

Attention terrible plane toilet!

Well, to a stranger ila right the first Bat! Now, I must confess that I've flushed an airplane toilet seats inside (Feel free to create a "Troppa information" category ...). Why? Now that the Staedtischen legend that I heard when I was young, and lasts until today. I'm sure there are people in the time, fear with stories of poor air toilet. ..

But this urban legend, like many here, a fuller, a relatively small, while others are more alarming. I, with my brothers, the more alarming when we were very young, the friends who never made (Cer, curiously, does not make us less likely that the urban legend ...). Tuee History teaches us that it is possible if you have a flush toilet seat aircraft, while they kill, because the enormous amount of aspiratoioni by spiriting the courage ... uh ... the nearest available opening. Needless to say, do not try this with a great fear of playing the need for scientific knowledge. A less dramatic version of the story, says that the easiest way is probably the toilet in question, until someone on theLiberation from the evil clutches of cheese, to their great shame, and the flash of paparazzi cameras immortal ....

Well, fortunately, do not worry, this test, because the people of "Myth Busters" has for us (2). They tried, and realized that it is possible for a determined enough to slightly "is not reichhiede no intervention or rescue, and certainly not be fatal. In fact, he discovered that everything you do need to be made "permanent" and that the Strwill just stop when they wash camerabainau the time that are distributed, so happy.

The reasons for this effect. If there is a toilet seat, there's no way to ensure a perfect seal, because the air escapes through the gap between the seat and the toilet, sink. Even if a perfect seal is guaranteed, it takes a long devigor (I'm sure that somewhere, in some physical and it is estimated that the current value of the "Newton" - sufferr, I have again, but this would probably be a "large number" of them).

Because - as we did the idea that the aerospace engineers who design problem of sanitation? Well, we thought when we were children, and the parts of our brain, which fsind with the logic is not yet fully developed. Strange stories of children, and that everything that happens can be encrypted if it is true or not? Urban Legends weiter so!

Do not Sorgen - you will be compensated

Let alone an outsider, but perhaps even harder to settle in the story is that the total compensation of the airlines. Basically, the story is that if your flight for any reason, neither the time, the failure of the airlines, especially in the bedroom, so that you can not worry about it because at the next level, FREE!

  Well, like many urban legends, there is a grain of vuement, because sometimes it  it is the fault of the airline lost the flight, will be compensated, in a hotel, on the next level, etc. However, you should not assume that is the case in all situations. Of course, if someone loses a plane in May, have mercy on you, but do not press the point.

Many travelers have kurzemGeist before a rude awakening when they ridiculed because of high fuel prices, airlines are trying to get in leursStine, bancorupt suddenly! Some fell to the ground, just as companies have refused to provide fuel for aircraft, because of the compensation due, and a little guess "- a large number of passengers has been lucky, to pay to reach their destination or home.

The moral of this story is: not folgenle, but not much if you miss your flight, or not Peachy or something goes wrong. Ask for the book, and learn more about options than coopérationmpra insurance abzuschwere responsible for some cases in the month of May, which would otherwise not be covered. Check with your travel agent in such cases, and keep some money or a credit card in hand, when the collapse occurs. Since the great hope for the best, but also Fürle worse! "

Flying urine! Here, Lookout!

Back in the World, we have the myth of urine bagni aircraft. Since many of these stories of air travel have on the plane on myToilet ne ... but hey - I do not 'em up! In this story, we have the idea that the removal of the contents of airplane toilet while in the air and, sometimes, this jelly "product" poor country, unsuspecting U Lubbers.

Ma.intenzione, once again, this shows a lack of confidence in the bath-aircraft engineers who seem reluctant to target many of these cities lecturecomme. But it is not true. Human waste in tanks, as expected, and is pumped, if das plane lands. It is not excluded in the atmosphere where it can rain on the innocent, or if you are on the sea - whales, fish and ships.

Fear .... Fear ... tres

The latest urban legend is that aviation is dangerous. Now it is true cer, if something goes wrong in an airplane, can be very bad - is something we all know. Significantly above the earth on a plane. And, of course, when an accident kills one person, it is tragisch. However, the probability of an accident in the air is very low compared to the other every day, when the officer, air travel safer statistically.

A long time ago someone decided to show them un po 'di melo-dramatic for the claim that person die every year by donkeys than in air. Well, of course, as a confirmation that must be examined, and the myth-breaking group of people. They might not be the answer, because  also, its difficult to estimate the number of traffic deaths each year because of the donkeys in the world. However, American Society mules and donkeys (4) explains what he thinks that the validity of the claim that while reconnaissantmai that many people are feriti annually by donkeys, is a stretch to say that more people are killed annually by donkeys aircraft ( even if it was an accident in Egypt in 2005 ... (4)). Just 'humor, his defense is under the Sectiontt, in the FAQ section, "I saw this statement on the Internet that" more than Mennes are killed by donkeys, not every year the airlines. Now my husband do not want a donkey! E 'vero? Help! . Your number? Not laisserta deviation AntragEsel, fearing for his life.

In any case, apart from the donkeys, the air is safe in general. People tend to fear, because it is mysterious, and if something goes wrong, goes wrong dramatically on the news.This is not in any way minimize casualties, but the truth is that things go wrong, much less what they say - because the injuries. A flight engineer with Air Forceessai a Ph. D. in aviation risk assessment (1) showed that dieSterblichkeit the Cuban airline was 24 persons per one million flights, which was higher than many other airlines. Flight, even if it sometimes seems terribly in May, is very safe.

To summarize  it can be said air opaè long the subject of urban legends, and probably for many years because of its mysterious and wonderful. SansMbarga and are not afraid to keep you from traveling, traveling, because the gesamtendie world is indeed a wonderful experience. Take me - I was on many levels, and never has a toilet, abandoned, beaten, frozen in urine, or even a donkey.

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