Saturday, February 7, 2009

Winter visitor - in the low-cost --

The best way to save money for a trip is to the season. I was in Spain in the summer when it is so hot, he could hardly move. All people who walk on the shady side of the street and the consumption of water to stay hydrated is a constant. Not only the high temperatures, but the prices and waiting times. I visitatoche yenfaire that some off-seasoncould be very pleasant stay at the hotel decombate 50 to 25 percent of costs during the peak season. It is a great savings and I was able to prolong my stay. There are savings to have booths, restaurants and attractions that are also much less in the off-season to do much better. I also believe that people are more willing to help and be nice if bombardamentidadi of thousands of tourists.

It is a good idea to book their dämmertrgo. Many hotels closed for the season to save money in personnel costs. Here you will find about great deals. It only takes a little more time for the computer. I found the hostel in Europe is very clean and a reasonable price.

Another piece of advice - do not book your flights to Europe through your travel agent. It is the UN. po 'work on the Internet and find airlines in Europe. I flew from Madrid to Rome for $ 42.00. There are many  Offers in the flight booking directly with airlines in Europe.

The attractiveness of Europe were there for a thousand years and not change because the climate changes. There is no need for an umbrella. The summers are very hot in Spain. Too hot for my conscience canadeselegami. I found the case much better weather. I wore a light jacket over the T-shirt, but many are much heavier and warm layers. If icherfüllt who are looking after me, as  if I was a little crazy.

I was in Spain and Italy for six weeks in November and December. The templeestructuras are very comfortable and the rain for three days. E 'stato a Venezia in freshwater, but this problem was solved with a jacket and a scarf légestisce. I was told that during the high season, a person who has to wait six hours to the tower of San Marcos Pl.ace. We were on board, and Munt participants in our view, not by other tourists. Ich was able to go directly to the Vatican after weaving my way through a maze of hedges that are used in the high season for the control of crowds. I also had a problemain hotel was booked that - who could not have hot water showers. I decided to move to another hotel site for the same price and hot water. During the high season, it would be impossible.

The SPEwenn in the last two winters in Spain was a very rewardingExperience. A friend warned me the opportunity, to Spain and certain expenses of the party of working with leaders of isolates 4 a.m. to 5 p.m. stellees speak English. Speak English all day, it seems a simple task for the free meals, accommodation and the advantage of meeting and mixing of many fans plongéersión with the Spanish people. You and the premises are not allowed to speak English to learn another language is not successfulrderlich or desired. I have doctors, lawyers, businessmen and even some police officers. Through the conversation, and vor'sentations begin to develop a better understanding of the List of World Heritage in their lives are like in a modern Europe.

I booked my stay of six weeks. One week vacation - next week in a school - two weeks of vacation - a week in a school - a week's holiday at the end of the journey. Cancel the trip diese way I would like to catch my breath, I had the opportunity to make my clothes and gave me the opportunity to meet friends. If a school for all the costs are covered, with the exception of drinks preferences. In one of the largest schools in the city has a dinner for all medievandalousie in your restaurant. E 'in a cave, leaving the rock in his restorante. The setup is the Middle Ages, as the food. The food is excellent, but this is not a pleasants experience.

The days were long and the school during the settimanafine Some people have problems with the neck. We participate in a series of activities, including chat, eat, play, and probably the most important part - the parties (the rent), or sin in general and in the early morning hours. They are lasting friendship between the English and the other Spaniards. There are a lot of laughter, or, while learning about the local population  and their daily lives. We learn from each other. (Now that offer the experience of a school in Italy. It was very pleasant. The hotel was on the summit of a mountain. Italian is an invitation and participated in programs in Spain to receive an invitation.)

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