Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why is it important to travel

Travel is important to expand our horizons. Maybe it makes us know what is at home. How can we know the value of what we have less to do, what else is there? Or perhaps we can learn something, to get to our tables. Not necessarily in our country. There is so much diversity, the many cultures in the United States. Siempre sorpresoquando I culturares we have with the various peoples  in this country. I have known and worked with the Polynesian, American Indian and Alaska. I learned a lot from them. One of the most important things I learned was Asian cultures revere their elderly in Hawaii. Generation is an important and respected family. Surely that is a wonderful example of how a family should be. It can comodit├áprOpium our house, family and lifestyle previsible.Pero maybe, just maybe there are some things that are ABBEin our cozy nest to make it more fun. We have never stopped, through the wisdom that emerges from our elderly? Saturday, we have never talked with a grandfather and where they live, or even if you stay? Better yet, why not plan a family over a viaggiogenerazione of family members. Experiences and memories continue to be valuable for all

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