Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why do you think that travel is important?

Someone once told me, as I said in French class. "You're not sitting here to know more on the desktop, you must stay! Is the only way that your knowledge." Well, because I think it's true! Can not learn in a class. Experenice Need! Travel is important to learn: learn to speak another language, eat the nourrituredifférents, other parties to celebrate another.What more could you want. Travel and learn this way better than hearing about the school? I mean, you remember what you learn English grammar and spelling. or all of the geometry in mathematics. or the way people lived in ancient times in the social sciences or cells? But if voViaggi to teach us is unforgettable! Terappeler all attempts! Trust me! try, go horseback riding! I promise that you will learnmore than ever before in a class

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