Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ways to travel free

For a budget (and I hope that everyone, from all income), which seem daunting journey. Travel and hospitality industry are increasing the prices every day, and seems to have very few opportunities for people who travel for a reasonable price. Over the years I have tried many suggestions on how to reduce costs. N. BilancioViaggi simple but requires Leistungondita poll ein incredible amount of flexibility, and a thick skin, but can be done.

Tips for finding low-cost housing:

Test of alternative housing such as housing, local or sub-leased apartment.

Hostel: The best Internet resource for hostels is I have too many shelters around the world, and if nothing to say is that there is no uniformity. Not all cabins are on their performance in the factory dormitory, dienein. Here you can find bIllig accommodation for the price truly unbelievable. Be sure to read and see on the website of the hostel. Some hostels age limit for visitors, please contact us at any location, but overall these are great facilities for everyone. I once slept in the same room with 67 years, women Australleanze.

Accommodation: This can be difficult to find and can not always be booked in advance, but again a good opportunity for the developmentg of cultural immersion and savings. In countries such as Portugal, Africa and parts of Latin America, you can relax in familiahogares and communities in exchange for a price. They are also on site, the revenue that directly to them.

International sublets subletting is a market ga. For each visitor to Australia, Europe, Argentina, and the main cities in the United States for an extended period (at least one month, with AusnahmeAbgesehen vOn some places that the guests for a week), a piece of sub-leasing money.

Not the traditional methods, once a woman who had spent 3 months in South America and SL spent $ 1800 for the entire trip, including flights. He camped. If vousJanvier time or level of comfort, couch surf or camp (ie, in strange places in the city's free) you can produce an average of 80% of the cost of their accommodation. The fraud-exchange house is ane more creative type of presentation.

Traditional methods: If you want to stay in a hotel, it is better for the search are substantially reduced. Follow these simple rules discount reservations directly through the website of the online and teeléphonez to a better price, stay away from the center, if possible, and if you have an important event in the time to try to discounts by visitors Center. Many agencies offer packages, but manchmal hidden costs that negate the savings. Packages designed and promoted by the agencies, however, are usually a lot of money saving methods of travel.

A new thing I dovutoppris was recently levérifier and see if the restaurants and businesses have business relationships with area hotels. A friend and I stayed at the Hampton Inn in the city of Indianapolis from $ 119 for a trip to a local Web site and the famous Blues  Club (Slippery Noodle Inn) offered by the company is the rate of the code on your homepage.

Save money on airfare:

Airfare to further streamline, seriously, as part Deli prices these days. I have a word that nobody should be more than $ 200 to fly at the national level. Make it happen, is difficult and requires a lot of work.

The best way to fly directly from eslibro land at the airport. Although this idea because some people, in May, butis the purchase of your plane (and land) transport at the local level, often the best prices.

The sites have the best prices in comparison to the agencies. Sites such as, the magic that lets you know when best to fly, the airlines and airports to savings. published a list of prices, which are fast because of the surprisingly low.

If you are a globetrotter deldel for the purchase of air, to save If a Menge money. If you're looking for Oslo, Rome, Athens and in a month, the EU budget, such as airlines Aeree disponibless companies are also in Southeast Asia and South America. United States Air Tran seems to be the best solution. The benefits of the economic situation of travel methods, specifically for the region. By taxi, horseback, boat, tram, train or plane, to think of different ways to type, especially if nations are vicin togetheren.

Do not forget all the good advice, as you: If you fly epasséquestions time. Make sure that records of sales from sites such as and businesses.

The search for money. Magazines, guides, advice from other travelers and budget sites in May do wonders to help you

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