Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ways to travel cheaply or even free

It is a joy in life, you do not release something in this life.And never existed, but to be honest, there is a way to free travel, and Hitchhiker is the only way to travel for free, l "only way to prevent someone to pay you go.Many years hitchhiking across America, all free, which cost nothing but "a courtesy, and perhaps also the costs for a coffee and tazzadi for ds driver. I InitialHiatus in New York, and finished my trip I went to Seattle.Were back to me England.Admittedly airfare costs, but once it was my journey through the United States is free.

Well, I'm a little more than I would do it again. Now I go on cruises and driving my car at low cost around.Cruises are today, and if they are on board, you must spend Pè penny, if you wish, is not a consultant, May sientreprises detection of defects, Servizio, inclinadod so.Everything if otherwise is not free, that is, unless, to drink what you want, you know, beer, and as such, but in this case you can not drink tea and coffee, and why not only for the water to go with the meal at night instead of wine, just one more for less DILA cruise.

At this time, the Internet is an excellent place to relax over a network vacation.Trawlingle easier to finds are the key to fly a lot and comfortable holidays.

And as for the reduction of the half-man Why go to a travel agent if you do what they do, for free, its easy to rent a car in ABC.From hotels, you can do everything yourself. What I do is andarel'agenzia travel and leave the burden of the existence of tracts, the crazy end of the year to enter, hoping for det booking holidays with them and the best is that you givesmile.Smile back and leave, and then through and select a hotel and car, and then go on the internet and book directly with the hotel or car rental company.Its amazing how much less expensive vacation is.who 's ora . In that smile unless you have a dirty smile on his face to eat my hat, that is, if I have a.

The same applies to the flights you can go directly with them, or, and this is my set of luggage at the airport on the day IhRes eVEfeu leave when it places for your destination, you can bet your dollar a poor soul, not to flee, and replace it in a fraction of what it cost LAUNA poor soul, will take place.

There are several ways to travel cheaply, and if you want, you can, because every year, and the form of free travel hitchhike.The

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