Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ways to travel cheaply or even free

The best way to travel for free, without a lot of time and effort to meet the cost on the street instead of waiting to pay in advance. So, while you are a messenger or a flight attendant, and those who have a lot of time and / or education. Instead, I recommend the following:

1) The work on the street - a large number of people traveling in Europe with a backpack and Gelddass for him. Sie may, however, the odd jobs in hotels, bars and restaurants along the route. The legitimacy of the May is questionable, security, and if the laws of the country in which

2) To avoid paying jobs - many museums, such as student discounts, or are on certain days of the week. Old churches and other sights are often pleinslmente free. Iol has a lot to do around the world, so that only the most expensive or springendie  the total cost.

3) Do not eat in restaurants - it seems obvious, but I met many travelers who have lost their money always eat, either because it is practical or not with the shops, where you travel. Only pack non-perishable or semi-perishable (for example, smoked sausage, cheese and crackers de-article).

4) Do not take regional tourist traffic - many people go on trips and excursions. However, the regional may be much lessexpensive. Two examples: in Berlin in May for a tour through the city costs $ 50, but there is a bus to the circuit of $ 2 Mazatlan, Mexico, a tour through 500 years, the city Copal: Tour costs $ 65, the bus costs $ 4

Good luck with your journey

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