Saturday, February 21, 2009

US Travel

Travel in the United States is like a trip to Europe, politically. There were many, we all agree on some things, but they are different approaches to things.

For example, all Member States have agreed to be on the right side. (Sorry, the former British Empire, friends!) But you can not reach an agreement through which you veloce.Se Interestatal auf a street in the middle of the nulla, the maximum speed máximaum May 60, 65, 70 or 75 mph (96, 105, 113 or 120 km / h), depending on what was - and if you are in a state in which the maximum speed is 60 mph, do not want that for about 75!

If you come from other countries such as Russia, Canada, China, Brazil or Australia, the United States is much bigger than we are accustomed to. If you are from all European countries with the exception of TURKEY or Russia, the state of Texas alone is larger than the entire country!

The United tanmewhere States should not cross in one day. And that raises the question of how so much, while the transport system is very low when compared to most parts of the world. If you are in Hawaii, it is likely that the wind. The plane is probably the best option for your rendre after Alaska. But if you spend your holidays in 48 contiguous staten, you can or low-cost flight, car or even most cases durcheine combination of nacionalidadesnal, regional and local trains and buses. Amtrak long-distance and long-distance buses for Greyhound and its affiliates. Cycling is also an option if you have the time and the leg.

Accommodation aux Etats-AE is very similar to any other place, with a number of hotels, motels, and in large cities, youth hostels. If you travel or backpack with a small budgetequipped, of Hostelling International USA hostels CIRÜber half the states, including Hawaii. And the United States pecadoce is a melting pot of cultures, even in small towns often restaurants with the kitchen on the basis that in other countries, and probably many scelteprodotti food on their way

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