Sunday, February 8, 2009

US Travel tips

Travel in the United States should not be difficult, but there are things that travelers from abroad must be taken into account.

U.S. paper money is always confused because all foreigners, the cuts are the same size, and most of the same color. Remember that the numerical value of the invoices is in the four corners. ATM, which in Europe we bancomat are called in America.

Drinkingmoney is much greater in the United States. 10-15% tip to taxi drivers and restaurant waiters and waitresses should be the culmination of 15% on average. Feel free to tip 20% if you are satisfied with the service.

Be careful if you do with your performance. American 120-volt current behavior, then you need a convertitoretensione the 220-volt appliances. Also plug neadaptateur needy. The size of the common batteries (A, AA, AAA) are the same.

The laws on smoking in public places vary from city to city, but be prepared to find that smoking is prohibited in many public places.

United States, not for 24 hours, it is important to remember that from 0 to 11.59 and 23.59 clock is the 12th night In addition, there are four time zones in 48 states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii): East Central, Mountain and Pacific. For the purposes of the Planing, especially imWas TV, Eastern Time is often the only time in the list.

In general, you can create a postcard abroad for 90 cents. Outgoing mail can be in the blue mailboxes.

You can just 911 for emergency calls, police, fire brigade, ambulance or somewhere in the U.S.

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