Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Traveling by bus

More than one way to move, the bus travels to Latin America, in resonance with the agreements detail saturated culture, a feeling of deep fried flavor. The experience of the world, is a journey through a socio-cultural, and everything begins in the hotel. Often dingy and poorly lit by a fluorescent tube, an overview of the urban landscape is in their rooms dirty.

Prostitute pincushionsinnocent dadiirtion car, cigarette, close to the single pair of outputs. Comprehensive data spandex mini-skirts and dresses, in WISP swirl perfume concentrate. For slightly spiced with a hint of seduction, sensuality fragrance attracts temptation, but not saccharine syrup flower charm. We talk about sex, so that the girls even more tragic. Condemnation of their situation in relation to barattoqualcosa far on the process to wait.

  Emarginatden marginalized, schwer destroys the weak and the poor, the refuge in the corridors. Surviving several pieces of happiness. Excavation of waste disposed. Coincidence of the shoes. Ragged trousers and a coat full of holes. A handful of coins. Dressed in rags remained evacuated heroic son songs subir same time the suffocating weight of endless misery. Ioqui is bad, an agent of injustice, poor maintenance of the manipulator in this miserable schiavitù. What is the face  the system? To what extent are part of this system? I do not know, but what I know is that I was very happy and I sometimes lose sight of my happiness to disturb. Gnashing of teeth and wild extreme difficulty in chewing and spitting me.

Anime at any time of day and night running denuageux rivers always pedestrian traffic, the hotel is an epicenter of the movement. Passengers through the mill-clickity noise latorniquEtes in soft light. Men, women and children,  large bags of mail and know what the goods in the brightness of the paper Orion Barkers haste in search of passengers at all points in between. Some wear their black hair grew up near the top of copper. Other tonicaAncora spot with a time until it gleams. Fingers, darkened by nicotine, cancer sticks clutch burning tar colored filters. Dedicated patrol guards, that the king reality bellowing gritty staccato information about blizzards  Arrivals and departures of tubes with American baritone bravado. The pace and tone are just like any other, but every inflection in the nuances of its application, especially for different destinations.

Buses sonospesso decorated sauvagementos mismatching picture. Tattooed with voluptuous Vixens Wednesday in neon-keeper tops, dancing M & M's and Bugs Bunny, to people like Bob Marley, Che Guevara and / or Jesus Christ, diesel Dees Born animal if it is not bad, it's very strange. Polishingten chrome accent caps curb sensor. Plastic glands, and the overall decoration of the handlebars of three behind the wheel and change. The air in the bus is often outdated, press the turbulenceflavored matrix of smoke, sweat, Cologne, herbs, flowers, gas, during the lunch break loose ... and what is hot and / or smelly, it may seem, there is resistance, the omnipresence circulatiy Windows. Furchtdeutet pointed out that even a slight cooling breeze die sick to attend. Despite this reservation, still fighting for a window seat. Not only has the best view, but a side window, the command in the struggle for fresh air.

Terms of May is near, but to improve the experience of everyday life. Salsa grooves with the strong recovery of the language and have an influence on the closed cabin. The seats were filled in two or three or four times, and vielleichtnche a child or  two, but you know what they say, there's always room for one more. If you're lucky, a bag of chicken or a can infanziat his post. Chickens peck, but young children more likely to succumb to evil. I prefer the chicken for the kids, but regardless of the arrangement of the seats shake, the Union has shown how he should like sardines. When the machine is literally overflowing Deen interni, take passengers to the top of the bus. The elements, on the way toCharging and sheep, but what may be a pragmatic solution to the variety plus the capacity to increase?

A word on my luggage. Suppose that the internal and the other thieves luxury luxury luggage packages couples, or value. Nestled between a bag filled with chicken and nausea three years, you will find almost impossible to keep a watchful eye on his progress. Thieves cErcan the path of least residuospostura, packaging and are easy to result naked. However, a paquetstockés in a pocket food agricultural discouraged theft. This includes improvisation, has almost a quarter, more generally, reporting on his art, the identity of an agricultural bag stuffed with potatoes. Save headaches. Buy a bag and pack your things. E "as preventive medicine, a twenty-five percent of their insurance premiums proposal solidarity.

Browse by channel providers tangle of multion, selling everything from PatissionIES, drinks and a Papa Poule electronic piracy of digital media and newspapers. A clock seller, ten clocks and fitted over the entire length of his left forearm tattooed, is the interest in the idea of time. The alarm, someone, somewhere, is a bit late, but in all likelihood, no one cares to notice, or, as here, the interpretazionund the time is malleable. 12:30 not 12:30. Esto significa 1.30 Clock, 2.00 clock, too. BeneCerto, it can be frustrating, but obsessed with the period in a culture that has no value, such as under an adhesive to the enjoyment of being there. Lost in the morning and think, now the magic is revealed when the time is more than an hour.

After this a woman chirp rhythm in the average age is wearing a porkpie straw hat and a large mole on the left WangeHubwerke a plastic tray full of chicken Vater head. She smiles, a cap with a gold star on their front court in the tooth. Pitching, a zig-zag pirouetting his balance and the tray with one hand. For other foods such as fat and is responsible for candy money to make changes on the fly.

Served in a small bowl with foam hand, chips (DAD), crowned by a piece of Fried Chicken (chicken) and sprayed in a light green garlic mayonnaise sauce, a piece of chicken wurd morPapie for fifty cents. Make sure that the question of the breast, chest, or may be as a base. Not much meat on foot Dee, but the data to make a snack mix. If you really want to experience, open the window when you are done, lay their ethics, and no traces of random throws a bowl of polystyrene in the wind. The sad truth is that nobody is scowl voi. N. houvertbene, not the balloon port and the key in India, the earth. Littering is widespread in Latin America, focusing on the discarded cups, plastic bags and soiled diapers and flowers. And I thought I had a very sophisticated sense of sarcasm?

There is a special place in Ecuador, the extra, on a test of time sensational recipe for success. Appalling violence and sex. Each day without fallireLancet, there are some photos of Graphenca. bloated and mutilated corpses and cars and crime scene, followed by  a two or three pages of young women in various states undress. Representation of the naked breasts and nipples, culturally acceptable, full frontal nudity, though, is just behind a small white spot that the question of how a pumpkin for Halloween. Do not fall into the spirit of the season. Phone After a single flake of snow on the garden in time for Christmas.

In addition zuetwas can absorb that the buffet of sensory stimuli, Overland Travel by bus  of the Latin American forces cede control of all forces, it prevents the wheels greased and turning cosmic. You can change the tires and replace unidadr, to ensure that it is not drunk, but a good time, it will have one seat, the guide is Deen, poreux and caution. Risk filtering through cracks in the joints.

Old truck, which is characterized by irregular rusty meat, grill and bumper cruise disfigured snarling equals streets. Double barrel exhaust pipes, black soot that occur in the sky, like the towers of caustic soda in a dark horizon industry. Hazardous delicate Junkyard soon tire wheel, tied with less than a set of dice and a fat comoucane with an average result, these animals lumpish cut to everything in their Wego. Belching thick clouds of exhaust fumes, horns flattened growling yell, so aggressive direct leap frog the Unitedkehrsfluss and the distance through blind curves.

When the trucks and buses are not clearly difficult, the road, or him, probably in May. View from the window, the drops, the hundreds of piedis absolutely nothing, except more plusou and fog, and well below the first stone is unsettmaruca. Perhaps sitting next to a nervous sistem, with eyes closed in prayer, clutching a rosary for the value of all in the folds of his heavy-handed, manchmal I asked myself what my reaction would be the case that the bus pass. I expect that in the next life by on my iPod, the sound of floating in a cosmic knowledge in principauxméandres the melody is the key, something in the style of "Franklin's Tower". I think all people on some kind of connection and can no longer ladivino d'accordVonnegut or the music is the only evidence necessary to their existence.

Do not get me wrong,but I have the desire for death. I do not care what the Piano Man, I'm not a quick blow my ticket for the next life. But the rewards of travel in the form of piccomentre the reality of lpersonnes, and the potential danger is so rooted in reality. Be there to see, feel, hear, and to the lives of people allíelectrónico, then this kaleidoscope of sensory data, the filters in your heart and mind, that is, how it grows. The bridges der understanding are built. The basic idea is not all-inclusive package in a stylish resort. It is from graines of the experiment, which is always more productive fertilized with a healthy dose of risk. The risk is an artist. It is part of a faraway country, where life revolves infinitely wire retail stores under exotic tapestry mosaic Kostümund tradition. Transition or bathed by the light blue sky in a crazy tide drenched in color, these Schrauben cloth cultural green hills and jagged peaks.

Fangosos routes through the landscape, ponctuant his tenure with the unpredictability of the shock period, and thud below. Once in the manner of a hill, swallowing everything in its path to a mass of rock and earth brown and dense noise yhumanos history plays in a remote niches, often on the road of certainty. Living conditions, the submission of an application for the voyage of Sirenengesang, even if the pace is not Helter Skelter risk, but in his name

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