Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Travel is important for everyone

Travel is important for everyone, but especially for Americans, because that gives us the possibility of different cultures from ours. Americans - especially young people - tend to believe that our way is the only way, and travel is an opportunity to learn. Other countries do things differently than we do - or not better than us is the evaluation of each situation.

I have naively believe that it is "World "quiche person went on a trip to Ireland for 6 weeks in the summer of 2002. What you need experience has given us eyes to how little is known about the world. Ireland is an English speaking country, so one might think that the tariff is not much, but it would be a mistake. Since on board the plane and took a taxi and was my first crib gaucheErdo on the street (he thought of dying, whole), I was sabíaYo in a new world. I have a neueeine Language (English and Irish)New foods, new landscapes, new sounds, my first trip across the country (Landscape) My first time in a real castle, and other experiences I ever had when I stayed at home.

Since this trip, now make the effort to learn more about other countries and cultures that are not pasicias in other countries. I tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to learn a different language. Éves, I thought of other countries or to extend to meineizzonti.

The facte, you can learn a lot from television and books. I have many books about Ireland, before beginning to prepare for the trip and I have not done something good. I had to lay, and I do not experience. E, "as the old saying:" I hear and I forget. Voe me, and I remember. And I understood.

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