Friday, February 27, 2009

Travel Ideas

Do you remember that time, the monkey who stole the breakfast bagel hand? Remember, if you lost your passport and it took 8 hours over the logistics of many Indians unlogistical bureaucracy? Do you remember when a man hanging from a coat hook in your hotel bathroom?

If you do not have the habit of keeping a diary of the trip, as a souvenir colorésOCT begin to verschwinden from the consciousness undJahr. It is very important to document these cases, as long as they are still fresh in their experience. Written during a trip with a difference! The quality of your writing will be from an apple pie with baked apple pie on a hard crumb, which is in his cookbook.

There are many reasons why it's a good idea, according to these memories lapas Travel past. What is the purpose of keeping a diary währendSie stay? While you may in writing on their experiences with other rough. For example, I would like to share with you, now that I have not thought for months! (I write about a meditation class, I was on the Big Iceland of Hawaii)

"Spring Spring Spring! Friday, March 23, 2007 ..... I would say that something has begun to make progress in my meditation class ... lundi.Il that day was really terrible. Pensiero Each is an island for to  Shipwrecked and love. Aimlessly, but try. God alone was horrible ... gray and all the self-distortion of the mud and slush, snow denuded of trees and other features of a truly terrible day for the environment in my opinion. I went to meditation classes in the middle of a trance with a devil on his shoulders ... "

You see, even if they do not have the experience at the same time, I am very grateful to me stesso for Schwrite about them. Had I not, I've never realembered it!

When we talk about a piece of time that the piece of time seems to have a uniform height (this was a time, it was good, it was horrible ...). However, during the movement of the registry, and then re-read his newspaper, al momento, it may be the archaeologist of his experiences. You can color and samediprier every day. You can use the beauty of the small moAnforderungen: 3 seconds with ar Humpback whale under water, in this momentola Chihuly Gardens 2 butterflies when he was on his fingers, squid in his diving mask, that when his friend swore that he had a bottle of water with his mind.

If not daily, the risk that these gems, experience slip through your fingers like sand in an hourglass. Risk that this little light lights up the path where you are now once again drown zuimmer clarify their vision. Do not risk the Juwelen! Did their support.

And travel. Snap pictures. To do the drawings. Writing poems, you complain, it is inspired, to be brutally graphic and microscopic COMECE on a train in India, is the worst I have ever known. It was worth it, but I can promise a value of millions of their own.

Every day, an old experience with a new Th

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