Saturday, February 14, 2009

Travel experiences

Deprived of sleep, I am now on my flight to Anchorage yesterday afternoon, so forgive me if I Babble. I came home in Florida this morning and was not to sleep on the flight. But I wanted the feeling of my adventure in Alaska last week, while it is still fresh in my mind.

On Monday, we went south of Chugiak, Alaska, north of Kenai in ancoraggioge --  the views were incredible! We sencabezó the Center for the conservation of wildlife in Alaska Portage - are a wonderful thing with the wildlife! Dinner at Jack Sprat in Girdwood is delicious!

After the night in Kenai, Homer later. There we have a water taxi to our final goal - Shelter Cove Wilderness Lodge Halibut Cove views. The next morning we have with our guide, Jordan, Tres Mead Moosew Service Guide and walks in the park and KACHEMAKalucía Grewingk Glacier Bay.

Our rooms are rustic, but comfortable - the pavilion is home to only 12 people at a time - and the cabins, while only a small boiler to gas in them (no water or electricity), no worries "in any way. A municipality with water is only a short stroll from all the stands, and almost 22 hours sunlight during our stay, Hanon does not need electricity or flares. ABBE are conquered dinner before returning to theWater Taxi in Homer, and came to us with BROUGHT hostel. Then we have a brief tour of the hostel and accommodation which are in the comfortable Yurt (a "tent" in the class), a Sea Otter in the river, as he ate a meal of mussels at the end. The views were outstanding - eagle on his head, and a seal, which Collent tempsta time at the top to see us.

Breakfast the next morning in Yurt was filled with a Mistion of hot pancakes with syrup, yogurt, granola, bagels with cream cheese and French pressed coffee! After loading the lunch break in the package today, we find its way into the lead in the saddle of the park.

The hike is a good career, and more - a "play" (I - 40-something girl from Florida with a simple coordinareur office) étéun something "difficult, at times, particularly since only about 30% vision in my eye destro. I was slower than the other three women  , and our guide, but never has the back and was able to reach them if the height of the track. We were able to laugh and joke on the line, and Jordan is an encyclopedia of knowledge of landscape and wildlife of Alaska.

Once levels of different people of the glacier, we pureprend speed and quickness came on the glacier sea kayaking. The view is incredibilmente Bella. Jordan, that we are in the water, wear life jackets and Fanggecouncils, and gave us a brief lesson on paddling kayaks.

Remember when I say that eraun "Flatland?" Well, the girl from Florida is a little afraid of the dark water, which I see on Thurs, and I have never kayak or rowboat. Jordan, but has ensured that all feel safe and protected by the state, and I was not my cousin and his friends from Alaska to see my fear. She said: "is not for sissi Alaska" and I was nicht to show that it has done in Florida Sissi!

We are a kayak miles around some small hills, and were conducted face to face with the glacier. It is great guardareancora and one miles away. We can hear the groaning and cracking of our lunch. E 'stato incroyableble!

Too soon we had a tearing of the beauty and begin to hike back to camp. The taxi ACVoraussetzung has for us and brought us back to Homer in the Zince, dinner and relax in the whirlpool in Homer Inn & Spa on the bed before crawling. The next day, before returning to the Chugiak, allows us to massage ... a perfect end to a perfect escape adventure!

But I must not fail to mention our dinner at home in Girdwood ETL musk doubled. Fabulous - and hard to believe that I eat Cajun Alaska! The icing on the cake aufP

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