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Travel experiences off the beaten track

The first time that I have the task of writing an article about a strange sight Pispala, Tampere, Finland, I have a journey in the style of this article, full of tips and tricks for the stay abroad. I have the seats, and ideas what to do in a day for passengers to follow. But soon I found myself also, the pavimento1997 when I spent a month in Pispala, and  I found a style of travel that would be too banal and half, to describe the diversity and multifaceted nature of this place. I remember my first impressions Pispala, and how I felt when I was there. Even in the short interval of one month, I began to feel in the community and the Bohemian spirit discovered that I found during my stay. I can honestly say that you are in new retourne Inghilterra after my stay there.

Nell 'estate in 1997 was 19 Anoxia old. While the ships are not exactly from this point in my life had already been halfway around the world on my own, I was not around the world show. I lived in Epsom, Surrey, where I met Paape, and quickly became best friends. When he returned from England to Finland, I decided that I am him, I have the money for the then (nuova easy task, as I was unemployed at the time) and in the summer of 1997 I wason a plane to Finland for a month. I always wanted to noravelling that are in a family, a little, "and of course in my life as an adult. My vision of life at the moment is not to say the least. I left the school and was unemployed, to live , one day at a time and enjoy my youth. My Gothic and Punk was tendancesagentil my appearance, my sport and many Pierrung face makeup exaggerated, tribal tattoos and shaverte head. Epsom, although the majority of students inhabit still very conservative and rich community, and relatively disadvantaged in their views of life. It is not unusual for me to comment about rude passersby on the street in Epsom, and then the business gardeias security means that someone who seems to be stealing or other crimes.

I arrived in Helsinki Flughafenspäten the evening of Friday 13 June 1997. By the way  if you buscandog for cheap flights, try a 13 on Friday, very few people who fly to this day, usually cheap flights! I was at the airport Paap and his father, then Paap for his parents' home in Mikkeli, where I premièrejours my stay in Finland. After attending a music festival and learn to understand a little Enon with the Finnish way of life, it is time to go home zurückkehrenn Paap Pispala. One morning we started our pockets and Pispala Hitchhiker of Mikkeli. There were many ups and downs during the journey, the memorable, a car with heavy metal fans who elected us, near Helsinki, on the way to a feast of music, or éventuellesl "spirit of a concert . The morning after our arrival in Tampere. We are left near a park, and although I am sure that after the opening day, always has "the responsibility of the Luft about him, as if the tables, the buildings were neglected and fall at any moment. It is the kind of place where I can imagine the horror of the ghost stories and events in the whole terrible incident. I think this impression is not helped by UNEL that was very early in the morning, and a tranquillalità and quiet is palpable. Tampere, in this time of the morning was nearly deserted. All the shops and bars were geschlossen and könnteund almost believe it's nobody else in the world, except for certain car in the morning "commute to their destinations.

After a short ride, we have some measures for wood Cresting a hill, we came home in Paap Pispala. The property was etscondido at the end of a gravel road, which quickly ended after the construction, soon to be a forest with a path that I am a little "the road to this road until the end. Even though I seen in Englandhave, would have seemed strange, to suggest what seems to correspond Pispala. I think looking back to me an indication of how the place should be, but at this time, I was very tired after hitchhiking for a journéeet did not want to sleep. Only the time to the building and the lake view from the window before he fell asleep. I slept deeply, in spite of a day up and was fresh and ready to make my surroundings.

The first thing I noticed was when I saw the rustilocal charm of the building in. I have mainly made of wood, flat on the polished and timeless, and a very light gray, while most mBLEU bright colors and primarisettori furniture in bright colors to them. The presentation is unusual, he had through the kitchen to the living room / bedroom and a corner to get to the local hosts CER bathroom. There was no shower, and he said that many properties have not Pispala showers, saunas, as most are under way, even ifthey do not have, making a small camp to hear the apartment. All this has the air of rustic charm, a kind of feeling at ease in the cabin, but not in British herds Tweedy chintzy sense. It reminds me of the sea, I have more and more houses to visit Canada, where the modern Bequemlichkeitensind often for one or two weeks for the wood-burning stoves and washing in a lake.

On the first night in Pispala, we were both still on your travels  Andalousie come, so that only local went to the bar for a drink. The publication is linked to the business, from the path of Paap court. The presentation will be in Pispala other hills, such as a network of roads, over each other, and more paved roads only on SieViertel of the main roads, with some of these houses, only to an alternative route. The bar was in a street in a collaborazionelinea, overlooking a lake and a short walk to anem Pier, the sea. Once inside, it was not for the wood and the fact that everything is in Finnish, which could almost believe that they are in the year 1950, the American bar with red vinyl seats and tables. Paap was known, in this bar, and that his friend, I was Accolaund me feel at home. There are a variety of customers in the bar, but is by no means a long night, Grizzlevecchi man with the red nose THRción good opportunity for young women like us. And by far the mostMost surprising is that there are no visible cracks or class system, everybody talks with everybody and the age of 90 years, the man sits in the corner was so happy to speak with you about their beer, the young daughter of 20 years was to the top. While no word Finnish (with the exception of a few that I was taught rude) I have the efforts to aprendre short conversation, and I met all seemed apreciarcomió, in which at least has tried to learn a  little ".

As the helm of the first night, I saw the lake and was adopted by the rest. The water is calm, and seem to always, and the entire scene is permeated with what appears to be a ray of autumn, even if only half of June. The hue and orange derStunden Rrose look at regoleIl regulation of the city and what it seems almost surreal in its tranquility. If you can imagine that a city that is timeless and untouched by the modern world, in Pispala  Sunset in the summer is all. Upon completion of the shop next to the bar for some, in an apartment Paape for a quick dinner and a first night, after a few hours of sleep that day.

During the first week of Pispala I rencontréavec many people, and Esplorare many places, both in Pispala and the city of Tampere. However, Tampere is a modern Pispala. Although very Scandinavian feel, is not quite the charm and surrealism in Pispala ago. Tampere is a nice place, but there are many bars and clubs. In particular, we went to a club, was in what appears to be a large stone house with a DJplancher dance giardino.Ecco in a bar where I drank a test tube shots, colorful concoctions sold in the test tube Zuin containers of screws, offensive, in the colors green, blue and pink. It has been tested as a mixture of shooting, but I can not remember the name of them is about lang. However, remember to buy large quantities of them for the novelty, which could have contributed to the inaccuracy of memory. Until today, Tampere, remains one of my best memories of my trip, mioè This article is Pispala, then I will not dwell on the time in Tampere.

During my stay, Pispala we went for a week and a half to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, that's another story! On our return, alles, which was in mud and must be washed. Because the home is not Paap a washing machine, we went into the house of her aunt, the washing machine, sauna and bath turcoradicato party against the dirt. This is an outdoor sauna, sauna wood, with a shower. I remember sitting in the sauna, rilassarsich with a few beers and talk about the festival and what we do with the time I left a Pispala. After cleaning and fresh (it is amazing how  You feel much cleaner after a shower in the sauna!) NousJ'espère in our laundry at the end. In all this time, Miera constantly surprised by the hospitality of the people I met in Pispala. Although I was a complete stranger to them, there was a person who seems to come or not, for help pages, or use their services. The whole area has an atmosphere of almost Pispala Kny helpful, friendly, they are proud of their sense of good neighborliness.

WithWashing, yes, it's time to turn our attention to our shoes. Of course, the boots, he usatoal festivals are bound with mud, which hardened and needs cleaning industry. So I went to the pier into the lake for a cleaning session. Despite the passage of people on the WegNiemand seems strange to think that the wearing of boots and a muddy lake, of course, no one doubts us. In Pispala sembleque people are encouraged tothemselves and do what is necessary, without the usual British head of curiosity and wonder. On the dock, I had my first view of the lake. The dock next to a big house-style, until now, are not convinced that it is not a psychiatric clinic. There was a climate of institutionalization, but EigentumGNA. Grass was Grond, Muelle lake. Nobody seems to mind, and I remember a person back, I am sure you do not entgants, but if you do not own property are not worthy of access to the docks of your garden. The lake is clean and bright, far from pollution, murky water of the Thames. I felt almost guilty for washing in the sea of mud and dirt added.

Of course, as with most pcorDones I visited, the people who make the place, and Pispala is no exception. The eccentric bohemian atmosphere of the place is not chiarodente, non-residents as Pispala sample. It  Jouni there, lived in a wooden floor with a bathroom en plein air (which, unfortunately, was destroyed). Jouni even an old toaster fashioined Rotary son, burned more than toast cooked, but happy. He also has his propreou homebrew, which is well tested and TopfWMAs body good! Jouni has the appearance of an aging hippie, and the behavior of a puppy, happy and cheerful and full of energy. Unlike most people over 40 years in England, Jouni not on me, as if ich crazy, have tattoos or piercings, not ruin the look of my body or my bastardizing for them. As you can see that none of the older generations of Finland's distaste for the style of my choice because they are Inghilterra. Jouni seem to accept me, and I was too sucedidopy deal with the younger generation. But questoSono it was, a young and dynamic life.

Then there was a man I knew who makes the hair in bunches and carries plastic Puppen. I can not remember his name, was a long time ago, but I vaguely remember that he had a brother who, after all, as eccentric as him. From what I remember I think it is an artist. I norprende way Pispala an artist in the community. E mran to inspire and be amazed by the landscape and the population. Although a part of the city of Tampere, Pispala have their individuality and the feeling of a rural community on die whole. The living conditions are not limited to, the rule of the house or apartment can be found here. We visited a friend who lived in a almacena Paap, seemed like a factory or a warehouse on the ground floor, but Lae one page long open room. All this was in a remote area and offers a very spacious and privacy in a relatively low price. I remember that I wanted, I think I can be a place to live in England, but I knew theret was impossible.

I still remember the feeling of warmth and heard that I Pispala. This is a place where quatrelquiera can be for them, and encourage them to an individual and nichtdass a norm of society. I felt at that time that I heard, and that was not to someone who will fit into a predefined slot in the company was for me. Now, eleven years have passed since I had Pispala, and unfortunately I had to in theadjusting to nine to five hours of work and routine life of the work must cuSales. I am married and have more of the spirit was. I do not have the freedom to travel anywhere and choose avevidadía or a king in a moment. But I managed to change the look of my individuality. Now I have more penetrating, and even bigger and brighter tattoos, shaved head, but was by a head of dreadlocks with a range of bright colors andlean more to the style of Gothic and Rockabilly Psychobilly place. LamenMalheureusement, the United Kingdom of Great BretagnaGermania-modern criticism is, as always when it comes to the way of life, with the crimes of the injury, which Siete the time, as in the case of Sophie Lancaster tragic dereciente. My husband, who is also a person with the largest number of piercings and tattoos like me who grew up in England and is desperate for a better life in an environment that is freediscrimination for the way he chooses appearance.

Now he was eleven, I think it is a quiet and eclectic Pispala, and acceptance of people like me and my husband, so that we now remember to Pispala in the ten-Eight Lunesmil and again at a place where they suffer discrimination. Up until now, always looking back on my time in Pispala, and the people you will meet a sense of belonging and love, and we look orail day I  peuxou go back and feel at home is an other

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