Wednesday, February 11, 2009

London Culture - Home sweet home: how to survive, what to expect.

So I think that London is the city to live in Europe? And they really believe in and live here?
In the coming months I will be posting information about London. For tourists and potential new neighbors, and in this beautiful cosmopolitan city.
What is a girl with a name of Thailand than in London? Or Vielleeicht pASP English names. Yes, but if Siewissen all over London, you know that 40% of 7.5 million people who live here are not in English.
The fact is that when you visit London, there are the tourists. Many of them, regardless of the season. Well, summer is bigger, but I do not think that is in the middle of winter and the dead city. I have a great new or old truth: London does not stop.
Virginietrouver English People's Party, Do not worry, because tourists ninth, but certainly no secret that one could say. Englischese are not outside or cold, it as a tourist, and a mix of breeds. Tourist attractions such as museums, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, they tend to less of them, but not in a bar for a while "the rest, luna pub in a quiet street, has been lost in this gray day, and is as "boozey" and go  like all the features of English.
What people do not know when it comes to London (to learn English, and really concentrate, or joy) is that, without doubt, other people are actually English. Apparently there is a cosmic law of the city, what the people come together from the same source.
One possible reason is that there is always a friend of a friend in your city or your community know that you're visiting or living in London. "Oh, ich'm 2 months, would be capable of the city to help me alojamientoción as a guide, I know everything about London in the Nachtund the best clubs, the bands play, making the summer festivals? "Yes, it is annoying, but not lost, let your partner in London, and especially if si'nuovamente something lost. With so many races, many different cultures, accents, cooking, music, bar, for the satisfairequelqu'un in your beautiful country, and we believe that  attention again. Have you ever noticed that the difference can be a part of the moon, if you feel lonely and longing?
Remember, I hand the whole day. If you live in London or London, one day your money or your desire to quit, while the desire is to return to town, take your time, your home, your car, near his family, beautiful office, and so further. Unless you are very rich, and continuetion, so do not worrys on everything, because life is a party anyway ...
If there is no possibility of a friend of a friend to call, do not worry. If you Soloder do not worry, because as soon as you know, someone from your city or country ripristinoregione is in front of you pointing out that the road to play when I was young. It can happen to your school or university, in his work, his new place in this restaurant with Küche from his home in McDonald's (you can find more than Mc Donald's family in this big world?). And yes, compounds, which usually have nonunca London. Here you will find the former Vertrauennzata his high school class at your door aeut is just luck, but a man, here, things are crazy just the beginning of a great adventure to come, and the next .. .
You fall in love with the culture and, perhaps, too many people. Whatever we do, in London, can solouStudy, life or work, or start a career, an entrepreneur, a fashion writer, an assistant, a server, or manager, what you do, you will see that the world is his liberosecondo truth. Diverse cultures surprised at first, and then realize that they prefer the small ...
I think it is one of the persons of the same nationality together in London. There is nothing better than discovering nouveauxconcepts if they, orkeep the old and safe return home. If you come back, but depending on the size of the sela minds of people around your house sweet, you will find that special pLeggi is that those who have never visited London, you feel intelligent, someone who has it all in a unique city. We talk all the foreigners and the floor of the kitchen hello, thank you, goodbye, or "bad words" at least more than 5 languess. Aura Photos with peoplen from 5 continents and more, you can always say that the brother with a British accent, that is the whole world.
If English is not your first language, andatez try to speak English as much as possible, but there's always this "intolerance bile" of the friend who speaks your language to the wrong path. But unless you can imagine, you can easily a child to speak English in a game. They are generally from the north, the  are the most widespread, and the strong attention that your accent is not as beautiful as a real London. Well, better than nothing. We will agree!
If you are the person who only PASSER advantage, regardless of the music or the people to choose to Piccadilly Circus, diverse. All kinds of people, most of them are tourists. Day and night, not Piccadilly, crowded bar, CAFS, shops, souvenir shops, good bars, theaters, and is the Club and pop music, yes, because if you think you are "cool" and some other pop-culture, not in Piccadilly, is disappointing.
On the other hand, you are at home in Soho, especially if you want the sex or the search for a new experience. Camden, for a night with the hippies and the punk in the city, Old Street and if you want a great mix of rock and electronics. Bars, clubs, bars, places where some 11 hours, in Allgemone, pubs and clubs close at 3 clock. The people in these areas are different, but if we find, the British rock club, is about children in Britain. They are young, you know whan a dress, and believe me, there's no better place to investigate how this type of club, but do not expect to work with you to discuss what is worse, if you are a Mädchenza. You are shy and I enjoy being in the vicinity of his companions "universal" and  that the language and the way they speak, and the feast!
I think this whole atmosphere is really one of the best in London. A hint: not in the vicinity of n'importe that culture, you can create a new part of you, or love for their culture better. Do not be afraid to experience the magic. E ", as a city in each country. Think of all the people, cultures, the spirit of thought stesso. Living together

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