Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is it important to travel?

Why should I travel? There is a constant need not only to "spread the wealth", but in fact, to expand their perspective so that they can better appreciate what they have and learn to be better. Another reason is the move to "escape" from the office to recharge the batteries to relax with family and friends, businesses and also help people better dicembreisions in the future.

The  Way Meileniore is to see things and experience personally. Television, radio, Internet, and are ideal for people on what is happening in the world and entertainment, but as a "filtered". Nothing is ever the same as you. Shows or books can not be the reality that something before. With the graphics, the real war is like a videogame.

  "Country Boy" for a trip into the city. He can then order the Wolkenkratzerder heaven and the true horror of the collapseand the death of thousands of people. You know a lot of smoke and fumes, such as smell, hear and feel the frustration of blocked traffic for miles, moving at a snail's pace. Then you know why it is important to reduce emissions or as tempers can flare path. When he got back into the country may become better acquainted with the news of the car much horror or Firmaeinem burning building, one sees on CNN. Voyager offers a better understanding of these thingsis important.

It is the same reason that the "City Girl" is a journey into the country. Find out what the corn maturity and seems to smell the flowers, then you see the damage they can do better drought. Whether you viviite woods and meadows at any time. See and hear the birds, you realize that the sounds are often much more subtle and complex, that the colors on a Anzeigeo. Now you can get the fineness of the rainforest is in PBS, and knows if he wants help, you will not be easy.

The same applies to travel abroad. Poverty is not true, because for most people, unless they have seen children playing routes, without clothes, the war is horribleet should be avoided, if the places and people in person. They learn the importance of volunteering in places, the value of freedom, and for einigeSone can codiciososla! You can not really imagine the size or den Grand Canyon or the beauty of the Vatican, where there is nothing to compare. The more you wait, the best thing we can rely on what is happening in the world, and can apprezzatost what they need or mulch.

Live in other cultures is also taught that diversity is not always better or worse, just different. There are many ways for people to interact, the best way, per is to understand his experiences. The people want their city, the country, people haben a lot of space, so you want to contact. A small overpopulated country with limited resources and problems can frantumatente. If you have traveled, we can understand why some do not work, but others, perhaps also to the right solution! Understanding is the key to learning, to get to, understanding, and with undErfahrung.

And sometimes it is easier to understand when you are relaxed and comfortable and the journey is too important! Nothingsuch a pleasant stay in a certain distance from the goal to make you forget the small problems and see things from another perspective. It is with your family and the relationship to you, to help and heal.

So, why is it important to stay? It provides an assessment and provide a basis for understanding the world. It allows to experiment again the miracle of our planet and its diversity. It helps us to relax. It teaches us to do the same.It makes us a world

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