Friday, February 6, 2009

Guide for accommodation in Norway

Norway is a country full of natural beauty, a fascinating place where the greatest traveler of the world, the Vikings lived. Norway Art, like much of Scandinavia, is very expensive to travel, but stay in the cities of Norway are welcome.

The best source I have found a hotel in Norway is This site can be very spécifiqueicoalojamientojamienauf their Bedürfnisse. Start with a region of Norway, a city or a hotel brand of choice. This allows you an accommodation according to your wishes. For example, a search for "Mountain Lodge" in the middle of Norway has two results. Click on a hotel, you can view the photos, a brief description and, in general, with prices in all the contact details of the administration.

Sûrsto good puòez you use on other sites wiederdienen the general administration, such as Orbitz, Priceline, Expedia, and all hotels. I have found that hotels in site is more complete, because it was specifically for a country, but most of the big hotels are also used by the major international databases.

It is easy to find hotels in major cities such as Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger. A feature of all these Villesen 'Living in the luxury hotel trend historic streets. The Mair of the travelers have no problem. But perhaps a fewg "difficult, if more viajesl from the way in the north of the Arctic and the nature-oriented areas such as central and north-west Norway fjord areas.

There are areas in Norway, where we have to small towns and remote applications to get what they want. For now, laNordet Norway, the main city of Tromsø, it would be easier to find hotels in the region of Tromsø, if you möchtenmanere near the Arctic Circle. Trondheim is a good furniopportunity north of the city. In the center of Lillehammer, Norway, where the Winter Olympics, for which there are many places to stay and has many interesting shops. The best small town, which I in the region of fjords in the west is Voss. It has several homes around peintresSCAS in a deep fjord.

If you have accommodation in Norway, see the online databases in hotels and not be afraid to set up outside the big cities. Find LuxuryHotels such as the historic Hotel Rica in Oslo Fjord to the boutique hotel like the Voss. Bon voyage

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