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Cambodia is a country not for the faint of heart, but it is not to be missed. When I arrived, he traveled for five months and this trip was more than thirty countries. Un po 'naive, I believed as experienced travelers and Blas dangers that Western travelers have been confronted with the voice.

In Phnom Penh, the capital, I met five other passengers and Hauss hattled in an ordermy time in India, Nepal and Thailand. Planning is a month in Cambodia, and if the start was to go something that reminds me a lot of luck with him. The six of us a cut every dollar, and the driver of a taxi to buy the marijuana leaves on the local market, not wait. We thought that you have fun if we have a bag filled to the top with the leaves, but bientot to understand that this is not unusual. In fact, it is legal to purchase and Marihuana smoke, but not sell them. This is from a few years and now I have from the holidays, but from what I hear, not much has changed.

While in Phnom Penh, we saw how the war has devastated the country. Were on every corner, to beg, because the legacy of landmines. The weapons are everywhere, and even the army and policeavoir information about an opening, the right step, umeinem crossroads.

However, Phnom Penh, is a jewel in the Krone of Asia. We have the unusual tourist markets, the river, firing stun grenades and AK47 cows walking in a field, but the Main Draw has been a terrible death camps to visit, with the Memorial human skull and the school was the scene of some of the worst atrocities of the Khmer Rouge . étapeFriant This is a sad experience for all. Although unpleasant, is that the face to face with the extremes to which men, not importa what  They think about the world we live in, it is clear that these things still occur if Rwanda, Eritrea and Eastern Europe. We face what we have seen, in some respects, he turned to alcohol, other drugs, but the others are within ine.

After a few Djoura and unanimously agreed that the north to visit Siem Reap. We have a minibus in the capital on the Tonle Lake (Tonle Sap), the largest freshwater lake in Asia, said there were at this time.  Podríamosentonces one of three types of night on a boat for the boat ride around the outside, with a stop in every city and village, over twelve hours on the opposite shore, and the tail dpesce and the boat could be that the distance in one few sick aiseheures, half of the pot. We chose the central lane. It was a double-boat, forty feet long and bring the animals and most of the interior and the crazy days seniority "tourists or dem roof. Although all six hours to reach Siem Reap.

We have found and the first few hours, in the shortest time. Sappiamos that some of the residents, sharing food, drinks and a happy time as vieuxTouristes Westerners are supposed to have. It was a mix of Americans, Canadians and Australians, but also some Europeans of various nationalities. Even playing cards and began to learn a little more about THETHE history.  What needs to be done in six hours, after all? And then motordetenido.

It was noted that the propeller is statoNon or broken the fall. Tonle Sap was so deep, there is no hope of recovery, but if the langueGnos including the exchange of one and that the team would be on water and adaptation. Now, I must confess that I do not know that the Titanic in Cambodia, but the propeller from the cave to come, or if one of its ships and Schwester are huge in comparison with the unoprevisto questobarca they need. Then, however, is not a member of the crew is from one side, followed closely by the propeller, the rope. It took four men to reduce and maintain.

It takes more than an hour before they are ready to begin, and I hope that the worst is a few minutes in my life happened in that time. Since the engine was not set, the channel was from the mid-Kreuzungnof the lake, that was for visiting boats, yinadvertidamente drift fishing zone. There were people screaming in bateauxde fishing, even if the inhabitants of the village and called again to explain what does not stop fishermen.

Some shots were fired at the ship, and those of us in the ceiling remains flat on the deck. Chaos in the middle of a lot of accusations and was restored to the time without a serious accident. A shot hit the ship, a series of forums, bereits existence. LosNo something 'more bags and goods in luca to lose, but at least nobody was injured or killed. The boat is a few minutes later, and despite the propeller was not stable, we were in Siem Reap in security. If he is on the local Police in a handful of English that one can say that this was normal and there is nothing we can do.

In house fin. explain what happened and the owner, who speaks excellent English and French accentish, French and Thai cleverly nodded and said that it very often. He added that the best way to fly, because the cost for a boat ticket, and almost never crashed.

After the shock of the boat, in the next few days we will do everything it is worth. Angkor Wat, the largest collection of temples of Angkor and architecture still all surprised, but it is a story from another Aktionltra gefütter

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