Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bus Travel Tips

Travel by taxi is still the main means of transport in Turkey. Everywhere in Turkey can be achieved by the bus stop, Otogi, or as they say here. This is a portable Oto word meaning "self" and the gardens, the word derives from the French 'station to station.

Tickets for almost all the bus companies are at the bus stop. There are many agencies cetion bus, and many Compagni bus, which can manchmal difĂ­cilculto confusing and called a selection. All bus companies are solid and comfortable, with air conditioning, and it would be good to try some "of the note and to pay more for a safe and pleasant journey.

E 'vietato inter-city buses in the city, so that the bus terminals are located near the road between major cities. These terminals can Fahrzeugedibiti public transport. The well-known companies of the Inter-City Bus-Service in various industries in the middle. Passengers are responsible for these terminals by the company minibus.

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