Friday, February 27, 2009

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To say that a picture is worth a thousand words.
But the picture does not say much about the time shortly before and shortly after the photo was taken, or to describe the emotions and feelings that give meaning to your journey.

All reasons why you should create a diary of our travels.

Others, to see the sights and attractions and fun, many of us experience evrilender much more than the MComparsa aterial of a destination. Often I find that my emotions are fragile, especially during a trip from time to time, I have the same conflict with me the things I learned about other cultures that I express. Not everyone has the same emotions and feelings, and, therefore, that not everyone likes to talk about. So I turn to my travel diary to write.

Travel magazines serve many purposes. In addition to maintaininga good reputation all his travels and the memories, I remember, even your own personal development and growth of the tour experience. When I travel, we want to be able to share what they have seen and what we have learned, and a magazine that does not mean to forget all the little details and stories with her.

Write about how you sentezvous and destmaginario. Enter the fascinating people who along the line. Wie they are, and how to behave? And since we are supposed to be? Chunder Food? You good? What kind of flavors and they are very different from those who tried to go home? What is your daily experience? Traffic rules, sounds, smells and temperature of the place. All photos nonnon sensual experience that is able to capture it should not be forgotten and in his travel estdécrit in the report.

Therefore you should create a diary of his reise that you do not know when you can return to the same place or if you have the same experience, for the second time, you never know when this really make sense. Five years later, you can put it back to its previous adventures, and I thank you for the details were written and the events Chian, not the pictures.

You smile, and texts to know that there is evidence of their experiences, feelings and personal development during this trip,he schafftzu the things mentioned above are

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