Friday, February 27, 2009

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The pictures are an incomplete understanding of a tour experience. It shows a moment to the colors that recall the atmosphere of a time you were there.

A Magazine of passengers traveling to the development of a collection of information that is never repeated. Pages on the sides of a person, the experience of a country is a valuable documentation of his personal history, commebien that allgemeinal.Esta history magazine should not only be descriptive pages, but must be part of the next track, map, maps, objects, drawings, empty the bags of sugar from this beautiful AFD, stories, interviews of people, accents.

The magazine becomes a companion to travel and the perfect opportunity for introspection, to enjoy each episode of a journey. Who knows? perhaps you can also continuous Guida Trip!

For a travel diary, alive and  spontaneo as a valuable reminder for the coming years, and a nice collection of experiments to answer some of these suggestions:

1.Choose a magazine who wants to write, but it is robust, compact and of good quality paper. This will inspire your writing.
2. For the future, the date and in the pages, write the name of the city where you are, if qu'ildécrites.

3.Write, their work done. This is a magazine, not a Program. It is not fun to read: Ichyir the beach, and there is every day. Something happened that the bad day at the beach, is a double joy to live again.

4.Collect souvenirs, dies of theater tickets, restaurants, bus tickets and pasting on the sides.

5.Develop his writing style, but remain true to what connaissentfaire. EAVE Try things that you can not take a picture of how the sounds, the smells, the people who met, we had conversations, the Worte he learned Rato, food, music, temperature. If vuelvaeste announced a few months or years later, will be transported to that place more effective than trying to find all your pictures.

6.Collaborate with their partner! Maybe you can each cERBALE a certain day.

7. Absorb the culture do not read books or travel guides, and to discover which, in its magazine. This journey is what is of inestimable value.

8.Draw! Even if you are nicht as Kunstist, managers, the bank is sitting on, the opinion of the street, in the line of the sea.

9.Leave special place to view the photos. If a landscape, building or land has surprised, and you know that the words will be able to PCOM, the feeling that you can toujoursmprimir smaller versions of your photos.

10.Write a conclusion. If the journey is long, go back to their experiences. Write a list of things to do and to avoid  the things that erliebte who has tried new things to do, people ask for advice, you will be happy to you!

So next time you go on a trip, long or short, you save paper and pen and CAFnter story! Each experience, as you have made

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