Friday, February 6, 2009

The best Bed and Breakfast in Tennessee

Emme Wade has more than 20 years of work to move away from everything, and now, ironically, he invites all of them.

Wade is the owner of Water Valley Bed & Breakfast, a country only three jumps with a stone of civilization, but far from noise and glare. This is the Natchez Trace, 35 miles from Nashville, Water Valley B & B is a milestone and a destinoO, a kind oasisofrece other B & B: the beauty of kamraand respiration.

Emme from "very little space on the land" is a country house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a country store with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a room for meetings and special events. He bought 30 years ago, and since two decades, until the setting is not in his nature to be pressed. Decorated with antique buildings datant the end of 1800 the staff of the population. "I have things now, which was 12," he says.

Wade grew up in Brentwood, just outside Nashville proper, if it is country. He spent years in the restaurant in Nashville. When he learned some land auction of water in the valley which was closed in a bid and won. He wanted only good, but it is a carpenter and exchanges to their travail in bâtimentsos. They have extended a little "at a time.

"It has been restored, but not again," he said.

It's always been a place for your familylie, in meetings and picnics, and others when it opened its doors five years ago, was the attitude that the world is a very quiet family.

"We are relaxed," he says. "There are rules for early arrival or late, when the box is to stay here a night of veiMiss and the day after. Zonpour This is a comfort."

The B & B can be six to eight people to sleep. Wade welcomes couples, groups and enindiviDuos looking for rest and relaxation, tranquility and Inspiration, communion with nature, and to communicate with itself, especially with this small voice crying in strangles "I have had enough!" He has hosted writers, artists, photographers, cyclists, canoeists, riders, fishermen, onithologues, the group partenairesAdes, weddings, and travelers to stay over night or on weekends or longer.

Since the name of the valley of the water, do not be surprised to learn the fact that elHay five different lakes and streams as well as three largeße rivers, duck, bison and Piney area. For landowners, there are ways of the Natchez Trace is a riding school for all, "said Wade, and offers a wonderful guide and turisticaDee many bike paths, including the historic comprisfaire. Vicini Hills Honda has 80 hectares of land for dirt bikes and four wheelers, Williamsport Lakes in 1800 and is an extension of four hectares of fishing lakes (small and large harvest of red eyes), the johnboats position, walking and cycling around  around the lakes and hiking trails.

(For readers in the historical causes of the sensory overload is less than an hour to shop, including some desl best antique shops in the Middle Tennessee).

Wade Emme is a hostess, conferences, and the kitchen. The breakfast is a little more than a continental breakfast, "he says. There is a kitchen on the ground, but do not prepare meals, unless cer not wish for himself. "If you Emme salad, it would be in HiMMEL! Your hospitality is the only thing that the food, and was a great joy, in a B & B that almost hums with affection, "was the comment of the book a couple of guests, the first wedding in the Valle del Agua.

Another couple wrote on their 15th Birthday, "Emme, the narrator extraordinaireThanks wonderful kitchen and give us the opportunity to relax and playYour B & B or skewer was like love, has been built and decorated permeates everythingAnd we wanted to soak in all treasuresYou're is a real treasure, God! "

Follow these instructions to the secret Treasury: From Nashville, Hillsboro the way out of town, turn right onto Old Hillsboro Road. Passage of the road. Leiper holder 96 and the fly (14 miles), where the road ends. Turn right. Go over the bridge and fly about the country store. Turn left Aban of the old road, Leiper Creek Road. Through a water bridge in Valley Road. Turn left, B & B is located directly on your Gauciegli. For a scenic trail, visit

Emme $ 99 (taxes included) contains a bed and breakfast and access to the kitchen. Situation at home (6-8), including the kitchen $ 250 per night. Call country Emme on signature weddings and private parties.

Water Valley Bed & Breakfast is located at 3520, chemin dela Vallée de l'Eau Williamsport. Call 931-682-2266

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