Monday, February 9, 2009

As I began to view the reviews on, I have the hotel cleanliness, friendliness of staff, location, price and comfort

78 September, my father, my brother and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Santa Monica. The location is ideal: right in front of the Santa Monica Pier, Palisades Park and the beach. E 'stato propuestasoa bus was unrrêtée right to alberSie intones West Los Angeles, Westwood, Beverly Hills and centralle Los Angeles. At the time I was there, the room was clean and the staff was not so bad.

I am on a visit to Los Angeles later this year. Inreading recent reviews of this hotel, I'm not so sure that you want to remain so. The prices are very high and there are no comments mitigésos. Some rooms are clean, some are not. Some of them complained derBugs and only a few people, some of them were on the contrary.

I love Santa Monica, and is my favorite in all of Los Angeles. But the hotels along the beach are just too expensive, and some of May is not the cheapest good quality. In fact, just the name of Pacific Sands Motel is as a dirty hotel desl ten in the United States, is located in the vicinity of Santa, the only Beach Travelodge, where customers complained about dirty rooms and Dirty Little noaquí personal.

In 1981 I was in Hollywood and, wIf possible, I would not stay still. Hollywood is very dilapidated, worn and full of drug addicts, prostitutes and porn shops. If dirt is 25-30 years, it is likely that Filty today.

Except perhaps for the Hollywood Roosevelt in Hollywood and the Renaissance, most of the hotels in Hollywood, no more than fleabags. Since I do not want to use. on them when I was finally in 1983, I soggiornatoder in this fleabag hotel in the area of Synthese Vine Street because of construction and Capitol Records, where the Merv Griffin Theater for the band their shows. There are cockroaches and the rooms are not cleaned daily.

Besides the location, price, cleanliness and friendly staff, also wants to ensure that you are on a line and near uChiesa Catholic before. May, on vacation, but for me there is no vacation from God.

Iseguirá the reviews on and my decision on the basise of this information

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