Tuesday, February 10, 2009

24 tips for dealing with public transport effectively

Learn about public transportation is very empowering, never entirely by people who have a car, against his car, expensive taxis, or bad weather. If you use public transportation to hundreds of dollars per month, an increase of costs for the repair of motor vehicles and gas prices.

1) The railway and bus station. Visit the Abbeyment traffic for the city and ask siti maps with bus information throughout the region in the application of information for the road. You can be free or pay a fee - it was very useful.

2) Go to your State Department of Transportation website. These pages are very useful for users of public transport.

3) Check whether incentive programs are available for people to use public transport, or  Altervolazioni the taxes for the company that your employer can not know. Slgunos States, up to $ 65 per month for this type of program.

4) Check whether the conditions for the disabled or elderly.

5) If you plan to use public transport in a week or buy a monthly pass - it saves a lot of money in the long run.

6) a good customer Maintenir det - May you receive tax relief.

7) You erhaYour lten TEMPO, by phone, online, libraries or community centers. May you can print out the online calendar ynuestra printer.

8) Do you have a good alternative to assist if something happens to your coach. Learn about the device in case of heavy traffic, sports events, parades or marathons.

9) Keep your ticket elettronicoN. Plane as possible, and without the ball, and make sure that the money does not scream or cry tears in Ihnen. ATMs are often not firmly akzeptierting ripped.

10) Be aware of what's happening in your city. Sporting events, popular games, circus, road construction, maratonesetc can have a significant impact on their working hours, especially on weekends.

11) If you have a pram, the use of portable light. Démarrerra, if the bus in the distance.

12) Keep your hands free as possible - can cause severe  Damages if you are not sure, from companies or from my arguments in the case to the people.

13) Do you consider the value of the minimum, do not sit in a seat next to you and ignore what happens kahora.

14) Use common sense - the most that delch is here.

15) Pay attention to the number of buses and the number of blocks, the bottom of the window in the foreground. In the event you lose a little osomething happens.

16) As in any other place with the Menschenderjenige will be met with public transport. Beautiful, beautiful, but not to many intimate details about where you can go to the stranger. For example, say that someone on the way to the bank oe-shopping is the equivalent in hommesvous for people who have money.

17) Pay attention to what around them.

18) Please know that just because a person is of a bus driver does not mean that they know all StBreeds of the city, - the driver can use a large number of targets in all regions, but sometimes do not know or have just begun. Sometimes, other sdi more on the way to your destination. If you have no idea Waquant, call compagniebarrage buses, can people who can help you through the phone.

19) If you lost something on the bus with the lost and call the company if you take the bus and the block deZahlen.

20) carefully, iYour children, both at the same time and always in a taxi. Make sure you stacassetta security, if they on the bus before the driver pulled away.

21) choseintéressant something to read with you.

22) If you are new enviajar on the bus to try not to sleep, or if your station in May

23) If possible, try to at least 1-2 with the bus that takes you to your destination with the time you need, when you coach breaks oder traffic. A good rule is to use - The world of iImportante first is that you.

24) You save a lot of money into public transport publics have more money, if you need a taxi, in case of emergency. "Be prepared", as the Boy Scout motto said.

The books on this site will provide valuable information for the emancipation of all

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