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Amsterdam and Weed

Friday evening, 10:30 clock:

I feel high and I have about what happened. I'm sitting in a dimly lit bar, watched the smoke roll the tips of the tendril billiard tables. My colleagues are the solution for their feces. I know a long time. As is usually the case in which the only hostel-hop, we are together, a kind of necessitàversità by little into a genuine friendship caminoritaires. Opportunities for progress is not very important, they are by what we are, and the hope of a group of candidates. And Mary Mexican and Chilean Pablo cat rapid-fire Spanish. E 'concern Jean kiwi blue eyes. There is in Australia cupholder Dan Carter. Stringbean Sydney is full of Shroom decency. Brad sputtering are odious to the American war against terrorismeisme. Behold, I nichtsind the transformation obnoxpagarés America, Dodge will be the progress of Brad and photos by claque fog. It is amazing how much the country of origin, of the postmark Nomad Travel. No one can escape, even if we would like. I know nothing about these people, unless they come, but not decrease. We are a multi-cultural-beautiful Hodge Podger enjoy the camaraderie of personecon the same objectives in the short term a jointdrink, drugs and anonymity in the city, in which that happens.

Friday evening, 11:15 clock:

From all sides and all the blasting, graffiti Coffee offers its customers. The walls are on fire with him live, and flowers seem to explode in the air, such as coral reefs. Sharpe Fan Sonette whip through the smoke. Super glue glass to the wall, pieces of wood cut from nonre body and autress.
I do not buy drugs in the city. I have nothing against the front of allem of marijuana, but I did not particularly piaciutoder. It gives me headaches and my legs felt numb. The smell of it reminds me of bad nights behind the locks at the gates of the school, sore throat and a downward spiral. This is Amsterdam, but the sampling and the product seems mandatory, and the air is cucitacon its small importeoù go. It is a pleasure to do something that smells bad, but in reality it is not. It is theSome satisfaction in public, usually to do in the soil. The breathe oloresalquiler different, somehow, he feels safer and more hopeful. Paul blows smoke rings in all the wheels perfectly round in the night. I fight the urge to pull your finger over them. Maria laughs at Dan comou modelloth from his chair. Stringbean deliberately forgotten, much astonished eyes, and seemingly still. Allows you to move the graffiti, as if he tries tobeschlagnahmenvon shirtsleeves. Brad has his "war stories" with his hand on my back. Mudotan subtly depreciation of my favorite poem on the wall, between a piece of glass and painted a portrait of Venus Flytrap. Everything is calm, all leséctrico. As movement of the joints which are new, and suddenly, the aliens are old friends. We laugh, and take all the images that began to unravel.

Friday evening, 12-bit:

We have our travel durch loss of a maze to find allies in the red light district. The water of the small waves reflected dark brown, bright fluorescent fractions of red light signals and gates. We were surprised Pavese together. The scene is stataSSIS before us does not seem to be little overstimulation. Characters screaming sexual temptations. "Live sex on stage, best sex show in Amsterdam!" Sex with street vendors, lamb and Hairy Pettoder try to deal quickly at home. A man trägt a gold chain at low cost on our blocks to try to sell the club. Your breath smells like cake unapologeticest old. "Sex in the hot phase" starts to sound like "Hot For SessoVendita" which makes no sense. Among the associations are the window, and a large display with backlight shop. These models are clearly model the skin instead of clothes. Women in little more than shelf bra for Pizzo and heel drag, that viewers with Spray FInger. E ", as a human-animal shop with all the colors. I am surprised by its diversity and susabrumadora sex appeal. They are like in animaliPoiché they are not afraid to be seen. They show their feelings, the need to hyperactivity and boring happy. Some of us, just a touch of your tank, as if they had buyers who have decided for us. Some of their fishing nets in the dance moves in harmony. stsitzen Some in cell phones, talk hier white, apart from his charming nonsense. I think I'm against it, but the truth is that ioentemor. What about this profession, it attracts? Post-graduate, like myself, who are mothers, friends, lovers care? What to do for them, gawking and drooling, the public presentation of the illusion? Why did not feel that bad? I do not know things that are deaf, a different one.
The few of us in Ogle premièrepeep caution shamelessly hours. Dan stop laughingnervous, and Paul starts to blow kisses. We have more daring with roads, with the women, with each other. I feel safe in the folds of Amsterdam benevolent enlightenment.

Friday evening, a bit of time in Amsterdam:

Main Roads allies back into the wind as you relax. Since the roads getting smaller, seed-level start to rise, and people etROUVER increasingly bleak. Half naked girls shamelessly call their porte POKE toCustomers, or simply to set the time. We also have the strangeness of the scene. Stringbean sticks with a whisk. "They have the wrong type of beans," says beatings. "Come to a penalty." Maria swear some children of the region in a dialect, I think I began to understand. Lights red to blue, purple, red, light to be distinguished. A tourist in a big pole his camera was thrown into the canal with a nichtNNA with devil horns. A man waits in a graves behind coperteuna view from the street and asked us to go with him. "Ecstasycocaine?" It whispers, opening his jacket to a series of small kangaroo like pockets filled with their products. The streets are alive and unpredictable, inexplicable, and I feel very relaxed. Doubt that, as the sounds, the strangeness that is not really strange. If a course estentre orchestrated, sweet song as a ringtone. As the PrinzipDie main streets of the neighborhood, ich can almost hear the city is the orchestration and enthusiasm at their own pace, and you can hear clearly now. First, the noise of the water chain against the wall and whispers of drug traffickers. Then there is the sound of the shock to the shock of sex, the sound of pints. Then there is the sound of the guttural call women who are sweet haze of smoke. All of this is the exciting city of alert because of the current multiplied divisodi large and far beyond us.

"Swish ecstasycocaine? Clinkthump shout shuffle ecstasycocaine shock? Swishclink shufflethump.

The melody of the senses here. This is trippy, but not dangerous. There is something fascinating, something alive and unique. I can not touch my feet, I can say from his mouth, my mouth is dry. We stop at a pizzeria, and none of us can. A piece is not cut. I want something more, always more pper.

Saturday morning in Amsterdam, 10:30Clock:

I go without force, through the maze of the city looks different and everything in the light of the world. Flowers gave way to sunshine in the morning. Wooden boats through the chain. Owners of the shops have opened their doors FCA proposal with a beaming smile, that the smell of freshly baked sweet cuitess. The women on the street, with some familiar faces, laughs quietly in jeans and black sweater extra. With shopping bags, gkaufen flowers and Schokolade at their table for their children. As I wind along a canal with trees, people are screaming their Buongiorno thin and tilted windows. Lance furniture until the brackets are on their roofs and through the tiny window. Walk through the weekend amisna farmers market, talk to their families. Ring to ring their bells and cyclists, trams terns probe horns. I will stop, like a Sun Ray is soüber the leaves fall from my head. Surprise:Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and quaint town in which I have ever seen. There is so much of this city, I have found, but there is something strangely familiar about this scene this morning on the city, and the LED blinks. ª I can still hear the feeling in that glimmer of emotions that I go into the joints and the events of the night precedenteEnte. I can still hear the song of this town is different, but the pace is the same.

"Good morning sWISH! Tootding laughbuzz laugh-hello! Tootswish buzzring.

I hesitated to the magic of Amsterdam, their lax regulation and the strangeness of life today. I see now that it is a magical city, because it gives us something muchomayor. Amsterdam is a beautiful and rare double. Do not draw lines between black and white, day and night, seeds and tractors. It is not ashamed of his trial, or the joy of singing. All in all it was, without censorship or parochialability, and all persons, sidewalks, air from the heat and electricity. This is the point of the beauty, in the back alied, and the bodies of the flowers, windows and water and heat cooperaciónmfort in the darkness and light. I close my eyes for a moment, and still believe, by the intoxicating drug rhythm of the treasures of the town. I am glad not to be treated

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It was 1978, when I started, Oregon City, Oregon, (If my mother) in Newport, Minnesota, where he had lived all my life. (Well, for 15 years.) I do not know anyone in Oregon, and I have friends who are not in school, so I think Hitchhiker home. Quite simply, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Well, it was not easy and is not a piece of cake. Auto-STOP was different, the fun has gèneJ'ai gemeight and aufccess, and on average, you do not know how crazy.

Sometimes with a good heart, good intentions, show me the links map.They say: "Yes, in this way to drop one hundred miles or more." I believe them. Therefore, what normally happens is that the arrest in a street in the middle of nowhere in the night. (With the Dead, I am not saying that the way).

  E 'stato momentun cold this year. One night the snow began toUndTemperatur air to blow fell. I was so cold, the wind made me feel that I have no clothes at all. I go and go, it seemed like forever. I was so bad, chills, and I am so tired. I thought it was not from the wind, that I am to die, a serious problem. I looked for housing, there is none. There were no towns or houses or ARBRE or anything, miles and miles of hills, with snow white. So I have to go further.

Ihave an old wooden fence, most of which was, there are still about ten meters away from the wall is still standing. I said that the wind and time. All I could hear the howling of the wind had teeth, and shakes. I folded behind the fence. I knew that I did not sleep, but I was so tired statoais. I started to drift of to sleep and just before me, I quepa cold. Here is when I realized that I was dying. I have come to believe is theEnd, I asked.

I do not know how long I was behind the fence, was the first time a diesel truck escuchaund. I did not know that the path is fast enough so that it can not see through me anyway POLVEREflusso. I heard the sound of the brake valves. I thought, why the hell is this? So I penséWho cares? Drowsily because they stopped and I straight up, I staggered obviously drunk. The truck was CIRCA hundred yards from the road, the driver  was apparently the control of its load.

I unosdiez behind his team, when I screamed into the wind in squeaky voice for 16 years. "I can take a walk?" I sear is fear and looked at all knows what. Then she called again, "not courtierest" I was shocked, I cried,

"If I'm here I die." This is exactly as I said. Last Heading towards me, looked me dead in the eyes. We are here for the other in  the middle of nowhere with a storm of snow around us for a few seconds before deel nodded his head and said:

"Get in" It's hot in the cabins, I have a cup of hot coffee thermos. We talked and he drove the whole night. Come in late morning, said he had maintenantra north. As I said,

"Well, thank you, you saved my life."

"Well, see what I can do." The truck driver has the radio and the suoi friends. He has an Relais to Newport, I believe my door of the sisters.

I am 44 hours, I've always wanted with the truck driver who has vidaese my day.

I have the drivers for the end of the night, why quit? The truck driver said that in his 17 years driving tractor-trailers which have never lost their canvas. He is proud, as from his office. I could not understand how the tent was just about this Zeitpunkttion. I wonder if it was a coincidence?

Well, ifsomeone asks for help me about this experience and I say: "What can I do to help?

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The Middle East is a region consisting of many different countries. These countries differ in their habits, languages and stability. If you are planning a trip to Iraq, the opinion would be different when it comes to travel in Tunisia.
You should also contact your doctor or clinic in the city, which vaccinations for travel to the country that you visit. In many countries in Eastern Moyin, because these diseases such as typhoid and malaria are still quite differentspreads, and can avoid a lot of complaints on the right, the vaccine before leaving the country.
The knowledge of particular social and cultural standards, in many parts of the Middle East, frowning, as the mixing of the sexes and revealing clothes. It is no longer a problem in some countries than others. You can read more about these issues with conil visited the tourist office websites.

In Egypno, you canone of the greatest culture that people have never known. Artifects ancient Egypt, in various museums and the pyramids of Giza is a page for each person with an interest in the history of travel to see. Egypt is home to one of the oldest in Christianity, religious sects, but also, and the country has many historic churches, the tourists are invitatilegami visit. The same can be said about the Islamic historiqueIa where ancient mosques and citadels  acogidol were. Egypt is also the home of world-renowned Al-Azhar. Many historical sites, Egypt is the cradle of cultural diversity with many wonderful people. The famous Khan Khalili bazaar in Cairo, where you can use all types of art and like to cruise the Nile with dancers, music and cucinane.

Another great place for a holiday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates lÉmirats in this city that really erheblichesfür the view because itis an intersection between the past and modernizatde ions, and a mixture of many cultures. Entering the village, we immediately noticed the diversity of people living in the country. As a result, Dubai has its own flavor to the Middle East. It is also a place for others in the Middle East, because it is unable to activities that are not farlont open and easily accessible in their countries, such as nightclubs and alcohol. You will also note that inDubai, May cortdh women dressed in a tank and have no fear of harassment. The reason is that the police of the city is very respected and accusations against people are treated promptly. Tourists must also be a shock after visiting various shopping malls in Dubai. How does a big shopping mall? Vousendería surprise. One of the most popular shopping malls in the country has a ski-bridge. This is the artificial snow. Call Sow in advance, but the royal family are known to vonRaum the setting for private celebrations. Another center was designed to viajesde a famous Arab scholar Ibn Kathir. You will see that you are in another country and then continue on foot. Dubai has canals and the various souks, or bazaars, the souks of orlaisser overwhelmed by the diversity of styles of gold. And some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world in Dubai.
Dubai is a city ofLuxury and relaxation at the end. If you are pampered in the white sand beaches, Dubai is the destination for

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Meandering of Girl
The Middle East is a region consisting of many different countries. These differ in their habits of countries, languages and stability. If you have a travel plan in Iraq, in the opinion would be different if it is a travel in Tunisia.
You should also contact your doctor or clinic in the city, which vaccinations for travel to the country that you visit. Many countries in East Moyin Because diseases such as malaria, typhoid and REC that are immhe nochht disseminated, can avoid a lot of complaints and for the right, before leaving the country vaccine.
The knowledge of certain social and cultural standards, in many parts of the Near and Middle East equity, frowning, as the mixture of the revealing clothes and sex. STI is no longer a problem in some countries in other proposals. More about these issues visit Conil WITH die Tourismusorganzione process.

For example, you can dansypnoeeines culture of the greatest, the people have never known. Artifects Ancient Egypt, in various museums and the pyramids of Giza is a page for each person who is traveling to an Internet history to see. Egypt is home to one of the oldest in Christianity, religious champagne, but also the country and has many churches, the Historical invitatilegami tourist visits. The same can be said about the Islamic historicalriqueIa s Moscheeen citadels acogidol old and have been. Egypt is also the home of world-renowned Al-Azhar. Many historical place, Egypt is weighing the diversity of cultural WITH Wunderbare many people. The famous Khan Khalili bazaar in Cairo, where you can Artena TO art and happy holiday cruises No dancers, music and cucinane.

More A great place for a holiday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates lÉmirats in the city, in eerheblichesfür really the view from dried cross between a past and ion modernizatde, a mix of cultures and crowd. Entering the village, we immediately noticed the diversity of people living in the country. As a result, Dubai His taste his hat in the Middle East. TSI is also a place for others in the Middle East, because it is unable to activities that are easily accessible farlont open and not in their own countries, such as alcohol and disco. They  will also note that enDubai, May women dressed in a tank are cortdh MIT and no fear of harassment. Is the reason that the police and the city very respected TSI accusations against people without delay. Tourists must also be a shock after visiting various shopping malls in Dubai. Works like a big mall? Vousendería surprise. One of the country in popular shopping centers voirSki added over a bridge. IS Künstliche died in the snow. Call in advance they say, but derKönigliche family and are known to the setting for private celebrations vonRaum. Another center was designed for a famous Arab viajesde taught Ibn Kathir. You will see that you are in another country and then continue on foot. Dubai and the various souks canal, the O. The souks of orlaisser overwhelmed by the diversity of style gold. Bella Jewelry and some of the world in Dubai.
Dubai is an All this and at the end of urban luxury. If you are pampered in the White sand beaches, Dubai is the destination for

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How is gay life in Dubai?
Same sex in Dubai and are not officially tolerated. If you know the "right" people and places in Dubai, there are a lot of gay life. Some of the gay in Dubai, you can also use the Spartacus Guide. However, you can not compare the gay life here in Dubai, with Western Europe. Here is almost everything, "Subway, and there is no risqueerisques arose.

But many gay and live in Dubai, as it is quiet and not draw attention to themselves, well you should. Find other homosexuals, however, is a major challenge. It can be a problem to find a hotel that is gay in a room with a male or rent a property in Dubai ( for your vacation. However, many homosexual men and women, and how pastentative public anchelungo Everywhere you go, esist no problem. The one where your hair type to the club. Otherwise, it is better to have a neutral profile, though the city.

It is, of course, gay bars and in the past, which have been sprouted and after the deportations in quickly with the same speed. But the gay and resumed at many nightclubs in the city. There is a lot of things in Dubai: everyone knows that, but nobody makes it "officially".
Dubai, the first dieHomosexuell DISCO, Diamond Club publicly gay "Fluff Night" (more a transvestite DJ from Birmingham, England and a "best-dressed transvestite" Competition for example, showed the importance of "unofficial". Felt by gay on thousands of leaflets distributed organisateurspartie, the authorities closed the club for "a violation of Islamic law and in immoral activities."
The order for the Club, the von the Crown Prince of Dubai, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, was also from the region, as an expression of the refusal of the Government of homosexuality. According to the International Lesbian and gay Association, Dubai consensual sodomy is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, milmai me if a severe penalty if the accused is not in accordance with Islamic law under the secular penal code.
Thickness Vción Or the police raids and Verliability of men in countries such as shares UEA where homosexuality is illegal. Hormonal treatments are used to try to "cure" homosexuals and turn them directly. E 'in Egypt, where more than a dozen gay men in a part of the pipistrelloacqua to the international condemnation and criticism from the European Union. Even in Saudi Arabia has arrested more than 30 men over parTeilnahme at a gay festival.
However, the Unitedten Arab Emirates have been warned that any attempt to administer hormone or psychological treatment for foreigners, in violation of international law. A spokesman for the police in Dubai, that foreigners may be expelled, while the United Arab Emirates could uominiverificarsi whether hormone consent.

Internet censorship on the websites of Dubai is very difficult. Almost all gay sites are blocked. Gaydar is totally blocked, with the exception of the Frenchchen version (a strange phenomenon that I have not yet discovered). Vėžys a website that has the word "gay" or "sex" is blocked. While Etisalat has blocked many gay sites, some of the paid message boards are easy accessiblesble. Who said Dubai does not have a night ... eh ... Life g

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I worked in Iraq. I'm an idiot, as a contractor for more than a year. This is the first time I was in the region, and to be honest with you do not know what to expect during the first here. I saw the news about the horrible things and horrible people, and there was a lot of anxiety about coming here. When I arrived, I realized that the people of these countries honestamente are not very different, dassoder Americans. Of course, life is much harder, and do not have the luxury and the benefits that we too often take for granted, but people like us. Iraq, for example, is a predominantly Muslim country. They take seriously their religion, pray, and 3 or 4 times per day. Do not drink and not eat certain foods, especially pork products. They follow their religion, Manon were extremisten. IrakiensJe know and take into account Sietti friends, nuevopecto my religion (Catholic), and not think badly of me, because I am not a Muslim and is not against the Christians, based on the fact that they have the same religion. Not unlike America. In America, many religions co-exist with little or no problem. The Catholics do not hate the Baptists, Lutherans do Baptist hatred. It's the same thing. Often talking with the Iraqisof religion. They believe that religion religions the right to Maldá but I do not believe me, because I never have the same thing.
This assessment is commonly practiced throughout the Middle East. You may not hate you because they are Muslims. You can, if the hate, they know that Americans are, but not on the basis of their religion. The most important thing to remember is respect for their religion. It is not an insult to the measures whichun manque they have respect for their religion. The most important thing you have to say: This is not America. KEINEDas right in America. The rules and regulations differ from another country to go, and is associated with this field. Depending on which country you go to the Middle East, some of which do not.
The Middle East is very exciting and beautiful place to visit. It is important to choose the right destination eassicurarsi that is the judgereduction in time. Personally, I was recommended for the first adventure in the Middle East in a beautiful city of Dubai UAE ONUtado To an American who is at home. It is an excellent place for the whole family. There are many shops, attractions, beaches, golf courses and theme parks. The best part of Dubai, is his attitude. Here you will find an ethnic group under the sun. The Americans are welcome, and the American Farell wed almost everywhere in the city. The people are very friendly, and it seems as if English is the lingua only spoken. I was in Dubai AIEHT times, and have a good time, all the time. It is the only place in the entire Middle East, I did not have to worry about people knowing that I am in America. The nightlife is excellent, with many bars and clubs. Here you will find all the food chains of America. If you are a fan of gold, then it is paradise. Gold is cheaper here, rund around the world. Here you can find beautiful pieces at incredible prices. There is usually one of my favorite places to go to relax and not to worry about my safety. The crime is very low, in this city. I do not have exact figures, but I do not think there's any crime. I remember a taxi driver told me the story of an era. He said: "They sleep on the pavement, and the stack of $ 1 million in bar and sit beside her. You can sleep the whole night, and to guarantee, when you wake up, the money remains. "I must admit that I think that is correct. A wonderful place. I think that this issue can be read by people who are skeptical about the visit to the Middle East, for the first time, so in my opinion, is far from being the target of choice for the visit in the Middle East.
What to do, and it is not. Not all Fall the people on the spot to take photos without permission. If a man and a woman together, if they are married, and directed all questions to the people. Do not deal with women. (Remember, you are not American todamás). Not talking, not touching, and especially a woman, with a traditional Arab cover. This is the highest form of disrespect, and create bigger problems, but nothing. Do not wear clothes that you have said, as Wahrzcalibrate the American flag. Try as discreetly as possible. Not the attention, especially in countries like Kuwait and Riyadh. There are many different nationalities in these cities and can facilmKörper in connection with a problem. Not with the money people in the streets. It is illegal in most countries, sometimes as a series of extortion. Do not travel alone, especially after sunset. Do not enter a Muslim mosque. It is OK to die photos from the outside, for example, but in any case a time.
A collection of books in Arabic sentences. Most countries in the Middle East, we speak a little English, but it is best to learn some phrases in Arabic. It will not open and fair decision-making. Travel in pairs and in the tourist zones remain. The hotel and shopping trips, and make sure that you are in a safe place. Always know your surroundings. Make youre trip carefully. It is not a good idea to travel to the Middle East for the most important religious festivals. Get a list of all the laws and customs of the country you are visiting. Kuwait, for example, is a "dry" country. E 'illegal to possess alcohol. Last but not least, more ricordoNON IN AMERICA. The rules are not the same as here.

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The last thing you need when you travel by plane is the victim of a myth of common air transport policy.

If you use the phone in flight, the aircraft will be reduced.

On each flight, the flight attendant announced that the demand of the passengers to take their mobile phones and portable electronic devices because they interjections in the government of Avion. If vousles Flight Attendantsgefragt whether Unay before thechriften, the answer would be that it is a regulation of the civil service.

It is a myth. First, the Department of Civil Aviation has the controls in the steering of the aircraft with electronic devices such as iPods, laptops and Game Boy. For over 25 years, the radio interjections of electronic devices, the increase dpiù 100 mminerai at various levels and distances of less than one meter from the cockpit sensitción electronics. And absolutely nothinghappens. Therefore, it is true that the Department of Civil Aviation, the legislation banning the use of electronic devices on board? It seems unlikely.

Moreover, in the regulations, the Civil Aviation Authority reported that there was no evidence of any cross-correlation oconnexionentre and the use of electronic devices and heckling in the system to fly a plane, were found. EstoSin no solution. Corresponds to the discretions of the individual companies to decide how to formulate their policy. Therefore, if you ignore the flight attendants, on your BlackBerry, you may be against the rules of society and can be convicted of obstruction of the work of assistants. The aircraft is not in decline, and to send messages to your friends.

Recyclable AIR CABIN sick can be done.

A large part of the demand of passengers in the way of  Recycling is air in the cabin of the aircraft led to the development of the virus and the cold. This statement may be an element of truth, but not yet scientifically proven. Firstly, modern aircraft are designed, created ariaal off when flying at high altitudes. In theory, the cold air from the atmosphere (about -40 to -60 degrees Celsius) is heated from the plane and the equipment is returned to the cabin, the removal of the old atmosphere. However, ist the proces requires large quantities of fuel and fuel costs. So many companies are already recycling the air in the cabin outside a small percentage of fresh air.

Therefore, if a passeggeroinfluenza, then the rest of the passengers to breathe the air that is recycled and where the risk for the virus. However, there is no scientific evidence on this issue. So if you want to avoid the possibility of the virus obteneralgunos need to constantly hydrate you  Your body during the flight, washing your hands often and keep the person in your head most of the fans.

If your flight is delayed or canceled, it is automatically compensated and THEBERGE and all other costs are reimbursed.

In reality, it is a myth. You are entitled to compensation at all and receive no compensation if a delay or cancellation is known as "God." For example, questions related to the climateis clearly a "force majeure", but a mechanical problem aboard the compagnie aviation liability and compensation paid.

If lel'annulation is the responsibility of the airline re-route to their final destination as soon as possible, but not required by law to a. In general, your next flight disponibi

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Urban Legends are one of the most fun and unusual aspects of human behavior. It's almost guaranteed that if something is not everything, or that we are in fear, bizarre urban legends that are around him. The urban legends, despite their often ridiculous, are passed around by word of mouth as absolute truth, to a "friend of a friend", and always without questioning or thinking Critico racionalcal.

  Air is no exception to this rule. Why the air? Well, the truth is that the property - the air is rare. Even for those of us who believe that we understand the physics behind it is quite daunting to get out of the window of an airplane and see the earth thousand meters below, with the air only what you use. It is amazing freshness and nousteurs, as a kind of advantage, but at the same time, its mysterious nature is what gives the airrkehr urbanasleyenda fields.

What are the urban legends around the air, some of which entlarvt wrong? We will see some of them, and not a little strange, very strange for others. Enjoy ...

Attention terrible plane toilet!

Well, to a stranger ila right the first Bat! Now, I must confess that I've flushed an airplane toilet seats inside (Feel free to create a "Troppa information" category ...). Why? Now that the Staedtischen legend that I heard when I was young, and lasts until today. I'm sure there are people in the time, fear with stories of poor air toilet. ..

But this urban legend, like many here, a fuller, a relatively small, while others are more alarming. I, with my brothers, the more alarming when we were very young, the friends who never made (Cer, curiously, does not make us less likely that the urban legend ...). Tuee History teaches us that it is possible if you have a flush toilet seat aircraft, while they kill, because the enormous amount of aspiratoioni by spiriting the courage ... uh ... the nearest available opening. Needless to say, do not try this with a great fear of playing the need for scientific knowledge. A less dramatic version of the story, says that the easiest way is probably the toilet in question, until someone on theLiberation from the evil clutches of cheese, to their great shame, and the flash of paparazzi cameras immortal ....

Well, fortunately, do not worry, this test, because the people of "Myth Busters" has for us (2). They tried, and realized that it is possible for a determined enough to slightly "is not reichhiede no intervention or rescue, and certainly not be fatal. In fact, he discovered that everything you do need to be made "permanent" and that the Strwill just stop when they wash camerabainau the time that are distributed, so happy.

The reasons for this effect. If there is a toilet seat, there's no way to ensure a perfect seal, because the air escapes through the gap between the seat and the toilet, sink. Even if a perfect seal is guaranteed, it takes a long devigor (I'm sure that somewhere, in some physical and it is estimated that the current value of the "Newton" - sufferr, I have again, but this would probably be a "large number" of them).

Because - as we did the idea that the aerospace engineers who design problem of sanitation? Well, we thought when we were children, and the parts of our brain, which fsind with the logic is not yet fully developed. Strange stories of children, and that everything that happens can be encrypted if it is true or not? Urban Legends weiter so!

Do not Sorgen - you will be compensated

Let alone an outsider, but perhaps even harder to settle in the story is that the total compensation of the airlines. Basically, the story is that if your flight for any reason, neither the time, the failure of the airlines, especially in the bedroom, so that you can not worry about it because at the next level, FREE!

  Well, like many urban legends, there is a grain of vuement, because sometimes it  it is the fault of the airline lost the flight, will be compensated, in a hotel, on the next level, etc. However, you should not assume that is the case in all situations. Of course, if someone loses a plane in May, have mercy on you, but do not press the point.

Many travelers have kurzemGeist before a rude awakening when they ridiculed because of high fuel prices, airlines are trying to get in leursStine, bancorupt suddenly! Some fell to the ground, just as companies have refused to provide fuel for aircraft, because of the compensation due, and a little guess "- a large number of passengers has been lucky, to pay to reach their destination or home.

The moral of this story is: not folgenle, but not much if you miss your flight, or not Peachy or something goes wrong. Ask for the book, and learn more about options than coopérationmpra insurance abzuschwere responsible for some cases in the month of May, which would otherwise not be covered. Check with your travel agent in such cases, and keep some money or a credit card in hand, when the collapse occurs. Since the great hope for the best, but also Fürle worse! "

Flying urine! Here, Lookout!

Back in the World, we have the myth of urine bagni aircraft. Since many of these stories of air travel have on the plane on myToilet ne ... but hey - I do not 'em up! In this story, we have the idea that the removal of the contents of airplane toilet while in the air and, sometimes, this jelly "product" poor country, unsuspecting U Lubbers.

Ma.intenzione, once again, this shows a lack of confidence in the bath-aircraft engineers who seem reluctant to target many of these cities lecturecomme. But it is not true. Human waste in tanks, as expected, and is pumped, if das plane lands. It is not excluded in the atmosphere where it can rain on the innocent, or if you are on the sea - whales, fish and ships.

Fear .... Fear ... tres

The latest urban legend is that aviation is dangerous. Now it is true cer, if something goes wrong in an airplane, can be very bad - is something we all know. Significantly above the earth on a plane. And, of course, when an accident kills one person, it is tragisch. However, the probability of an accident in the air is very low compared to the other every day, when the officer, air travel safer statistically.

A long time ago someone decided to show them un po 'di melo-dramatic for the claim that person die every year by donkeys than in air. Well, of course, as a confirmation that must be examined, and the myth-breaking group of people. They might not be the answer, because  also, its difficult to estimate the number of traffic deaths each year because of the donkeys in the world. However, American Society mules and donkeys (4) explains what he thinks that the validity of the claim that while reconnaissantmai that many people are feriti annually by donkeys, is a stretch to say that more people are killed annually by donkeys aircraft ( even if it was an accident in Egypt in 2005 ... (4)). Just 'humor, his defense is under the Sectiontt, in the FAQ section, "I saw this statement on the Internet that" more than Mennes are killed by donkeys, not every year the airlines. Now my husband do not want a donkey! E 'vero? Help! . Your number? Not laisserta deviation AntragEsel, fearing for his life.

In any case, apart from the donkeys, the air is safe in general. People tend to fear, because it is mysterious, and if something goes wrong, goes wrong dramatically on the news.This is not in any way minimize casualties, but the truth is that things go wrong, much less what they say - because the injuries. A flight engineer with Air Forceessai a Ph. D. in aviation risk assessment (1) showed that dieSterblichkeit the Cuban airline was 24 persons per one million flights, which was higher than many other airlines. Flight, even if it sometimes seems terribly in May, is very safe.

To summarize  it can be said air opaè long the subject of urban legends, and probably for many years because of its mysterious and wonderful. SansMbarga and are not afraid to keep you from traveling, traveling, because the gesamtendie world is indeed a wonderful experience. Take me - I was on many levels, and never has a toilet, abandoned, beaten, frozen in urine, or even a donkey.

References: 00/TINFO.html A + Ilet Science / stats / donkey.asp FAQ.h

Friday, March 6, 2009

Travel in the current economic crisis

"Do not leave home without it!" These words of Carl Malden, immortalized in the American Express has a special meaning for people with diabetes on a journey, even if only for a day, not far from home. In the case of diabetics is not a credit card in conjunction with low glucose kits and drugs in me.

Diabétiquesvous some patients, especially dioivent have injections of insulin to its Blutzuc CONTROLLERker, a small set is nothing less than a table for salvation, but also for people who are on oral medication for glucose in the middle, to the service, is an essential condition for your daily routine. It is probably a good idea to get back together. I speak of tapes and batteries for your meter, needles, syringes and alcohol serviettesITASper Who needs this kind of equipment and drugs and insulin to genügendNZA last twice as long as es is expected to be away from home.

Of course there are always those who learn the hard disk, and this author must be in their midst. We live about seventy miles by car from anywhere that matters, and make the trip about once a week to do everything the new home damesSTROtempo some in the commercial register, and fill the refrigerator with consumption. A trip down and back, diedauert usually most of the day. I think is usually very small team from the machine when you quit, but very happy, not so long ago, I skipped the phase of preparation for the trip. What could be called "Murphy's Law:" I use the term Vicario circumstances, but still want this, the normal days, the company plans to launch and quickly into a problem that we have already saved the local level in the room Health Center. No, has nothing to do with me or my condition, in diesem case, the experience was the lack of a medical emergency.

My diabetes volvergimen calls for blood tests and medication orally twice daily. Get a grip, if every morning and usually just before the dinner meal. This day offreMais Riin, what is considered normal, such as dinner, and disappeared through the WartenStoßzeiten and in the emergency room. Eight in the evening has decided to admit that my wife and I already had two of the eight Brum Lefoodstuffs to eat every day, a balance of glucose in the blood. In fact, he was the way of life Wa busy to worry about the abuse from my calendar. The first thing first how algcertains drugs. Most of the pharmacy a few doses of medication for patients with diabetes, even without Rezepttion in hand, I went to find. Murphy was a step ahead of me, however, and when they arrived at the pharmacy was closed for the night.

I then seventy miles from home, without proof of supplies and medication, my blood sugar, and in the middle of a crisis of stress interfere with the basket of apples with my balance of glucose. Not that it should now take control of my situation, I was the proverbial river without propulsionary device. Unless you can get an idea of the things very quickly, I would not be very good for all. Around 1:00 I decided that was the  ideal place for 140 miles out of my equipment and accessories, so I made myself.

LOW disposentonnellate equipment, supplies and medicines on hand, another person with diabetes can be taken into account before the house in relation to long-haul flights, even esoticHäfen, or simply a necessity for tourism or business, and this is especially true when You are alone. If you are the wind in the ER, you must deal with doctors who know that they slideassociated, as médicamentssont and all other medical information that is crucial for your attention. Let's be honest, if they are disabled, unable to provide all information and, as you may know, you can find fast Kätzchen a situation of life and death. The simplest solution is to always have a "Medical Alert" bracelet or necklace.

In fact, the absence, it took three days in hospital, and also with my computer by hand,my blood sugar levels in the blood hardly bearable. I learned my lesson, and since then every time I use my small team is in stock and property in the car without it never left. "The diabetes is a condition that prevents a trip. In fact, if your goods and appliances, there is no need to travel more difficult for non-diabetics. Of course there are always stressful situations that arise, and e-mail Management allows deidifficile condition, but mit good planning lagravedad can be minimized.

Holiday Vacation Package Deals

This is a common sense and practical guidance for traveling with diabetes.

With diabetes should not prevent anyone on a normal life and that includes the trip. If your life, diabetes is bad, ie, the medication, diet and exercise, planning a trip should not be a problem. Years, if you type 1, which has been around your insulin dieKein refrigerator. Today, especially if you ownne dela similar (Humalog, Novoles, Apidra) cooling is not the problem once it especially if you have an insulin pen. This also applies to Lantus and Levemir.

If you fly, there should be no problem for the supply through the control of TSA. If you are interested in their package of pins, needles, syringes and vials in pacchetto with the original label prescription for peace dihren mind and soul del'esprit a letter from your provider to assert their status and theire need for care. This information is easily accessible on the website of the TSA. Do not take insulin, but I'm not on Byetta for two years and was never asked to needles in my luggage. It goes without saying that all medical care needs in a case that is guaranteed to be in the cabin with you. This also applies to Byetta and Symilin. All this machtrmaci can be stored without refrigeration up to about 85 degrees.

Nun with your meter, I suggest you opt for a good protection of your travel kit. Most manufacturers provide free meter meters and everything you need to do is fill out a simple form and you will receive the voucher, your provider for a prescription for the meter that desire SIS and pharmacist. It is beyond what your insurance pays. If you want Siepharmacienvotre or insurance information, you can try to be paid twice. Try to get the same meter meters from his house, so that the bands (in the face of the evidence) is not proproblema. I personally have three meters, one at home, in the exercise of my first and my mother. This may sound a bit "too much, but ilnt are usually something" Obsessive Compulsive with my treatment at a time.

Oral Meds should not be a problem. It is not notwendigRio bottles you bring the recipe for the average holiday. Vor A few years ago, I found little Ziploc bags called single dose of bags that I use when I travel and take medication for my work. Of course, a pill-boxes in a variety of formats. I love my journey, because it is easier to walk with a box of pills or tablets packaged in a Ziploc tissue. During a long journey, a series of pain, but I'm gewöhntro. I also stopped the pill-boxes in the restaurants where  it really good for me.

Well, you have a goal, the important thing to remember is to be noted is that your treatment plan. If you count carbs, stay on schedule, it is not the tuonti and have a question about your meals, especially if you are abroad and eat familiar foods. Treasures and its estimate a bit lower, it's good, it is better to have a po 'più basso, so that they do not quit sputtered. It is always easier than aRecovery from a high to low. If you are on oral medication, the medication as usual for mioison and do my best to stay on schedule.

Since the holiday is still not completely out of vegetables, you can create your ejerciciocicio, while in the field of tourism. Take a walk or romantic / walk along the beach or something. If the food estêtre an important part of your vacation, eat what you want, but in the tasting Portitions. If too thick, for a walk or take the clubs and the extra danzaal. If the penalty is the preferred method of operation, go before, and press facilities. Most hotels and cruise ships have swimming pools and gymnasiums, even less.

After all this, I hope that people with diabetes feel ención to start and a wunderbareLIOS vacances.Je know that since my diagnosis I was in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Canada and the Associationgten States of America are planning on a European tour next spring, and believe me, I refuse to leave the home page of the diabetes

Online vacation Deals

Diabetes is difficult to control when you are at home, but can be even harder if you are on the road and travel across the United States. But it should not be that difficult if you use a little common sense and do what you need to do. These options are usually on the road than they are at home. In view of what they do. Diabetes is qt changer your life, but that does not mean that your life-e and do things you want. I discovered that it is much healthier that I have diabetes than before, because now I see what they eat and how much to eat. My hours of operation.

If you are in the path of your plan of travel restrictions and do not change their need for exercise does not change. Most restaurants are fortunatamentex you english and salad instead of mashed potatoes or French fries. You can create a kind of vegetable or tomato derormaggio rodajass fresh. You can create your diabetes or if you are in difficulty, as at home.

Most motels now have an exercise with all kinds of equipment that people who stay at the hotel can provide most of the guesthouses and hotels have a swimming pool, which is always fun. Many of them also have a Jacuzzi. If you want to go all the motel parking lot is that you can walk or if the Freddo can up and down the halls and corridors. If yous luck, have a beautiful dog, she travels with, they also need to walk somewhere. What will you do with a lot of good and how you sleep better when the time comes.

Of course, is that a lot of medications or insulin and a little bit as if they were at home. And "good to have shelves of sugar, sugar, when is low. In fact, diabetes while traveling is not very different when you are at home. You see, what you eat and what to eat and Bewegung. It is a matter of common sense, fair ee what you can

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Best Travel Site

The pictures are an incomplete understanding of a tour experience. It shows a moment to the colors that recall the atmosphere of a time you were there.

A Magazine of passengers traveling to the development of a collection of information that is never repeated. Pages on the sides of a person, the experience of a country is a valuable documentation of his personal history, commebien that allgemeinal.Esta history magazine should not only be descriptive pages, but must be part of the next track, map, maps, objects, drawings, empty the bags of sugar from this beautiful AFD, stories, interviews of people, accents.

The magazine becomes a companion to travel and the perfect opportunity for introspection, to enjoy each episode of a journey. Who knows? perhaps you can also continuous Guida Trip!

For a travel diary, alive and  spontaneo as a valuable reminder for the coming years, and a nice collection of experiments to answer some of these suggestions:

1.Choose a magazine who wants to write, but it is robust, compact and of good quality paper. This will inspire your writing.
2. For the future, the date and in the pages, write the name of the city where you are, if qu'ildécrites.

3.Write, their work done. This is a magazine, not a Program. It is not fun to read: Ichyir the beach, and there is every day. Something happened that the bad day at the beach, is a double joy to live again.

4.Collect souvenirs, dies of theater tickets, restaurants, bus tickets and pasting on the sides.

5.Develop his writing style, but remain true to what connaissentfaire. EAVE Try things that you can not take a picture of how the sounds, the smells, the people who met, we had conversations, the Worte he learned Rato, food, music, temperature. If vuelvaeste announced a few months or years later, will be transported to that place more effective than trying to find all your pictures.

6.Collaborate with their partner! Maybe you can each cERBALE a certain day.

7. Absorb the culture do not read books or travel guides, and to discover which, in its magazine. This journey is what is of inestimable value.

8.Draw! Even if you are nicht as Kunstist, managers, the bank is sitting on, the opinion of the street, in the line of the sea.

9.Leave special place to view the photos. If a landscape, building or land has surprised, and you know that the words will be able to PCOM, the feeling that you can toujoursmprimir smaller versions of your photos.

10.Write a conclusion. If the journey is long, go back to their experiences. Write a list of things to do and to avoid  the things that erliebte who has tried new things to do, people ask for advice, you will be happy to you!

So next time you go on a trip, long or short, you save paper and pen and CAFnter story! Each experience, as you have made

Blog of travel journal

To say that a picture is worth a thousand words.
But the picture does not say much about the time shortly before and shortly after the photo was taken, or to describe the emotions and feelings that give meaning to your journey.

All reasons why you should create a diary of our travels.

Others, to see the sights and attractions and fun, many of us experience evrilender much more than the MComparsa aterial of a destination. Often I find that my emotions are fragile, especially during a trip from time to time, I have the same conflict with me the things I learned about other cultures that I express. Not everyone has the same emotions and feelings, and, therefore, that not everyone likes to talk about. So I turn to my travel diary to write.

Travel magazines serve many purposes. In addition to maintaininga good reputation all his travels and the memories, I remember, even your own personal development and growth of the tour experience. When I travel, we want to be able to share what they have seen and what we have learned, and a magazine that does not mean to forget all the little details and stories with her.

Write about how you sentezvous and destmaginario. Enter the fascinating people who along the line. Wie they are, and how to behave? And since we are supposed to be? Chunder Food? You good? What kind of flavors and they are very different from those who tried to go home? What is your daily experience? Traffic rules, sounds, smells and temperature of the place. All photos nonnon sensual experience that is able to capture it should not be forgotten and in his travel estdécrit in the report.

Therefore you should create a diary of his reise that you do not know when you can return to the same place or if you have the same experience, for the second time, you never know when this really make sense. Five years later, you can put it back to its previous adventures, and I thank you for the details were written and the events Chian, not the pictures.

You smile, and texts to know that there is evidence of their experiences, feelings and personal development during this trip,he schafftzu the things mentioned above are

Travel Ideas

Do you remember that time, the monkey who stole the breakfast bagel hand? Remember, if you lost your passport and it took 8 hours over the logistics of many Indians unlogistical bureaucracy? Do you remember when a man hanging from a coat hook in your hotel bathroom?

If you do not have the habit of keeping a diary of the trip, as a souvenir colorésOCT begin to verschwinden from the consciousness undJahr. It is very important to document these cases, as long as they are still fresh in their experience. Written during a trip with a difference! The quality of your writing will be from an apple pie with baked apple pie on a hard crumb, which is in his cookbook.

There are many reasons why it's a good idea, according to these memories lapas Travel past. What is the purpose of keeping a diary währendSie stay? While you may in writing on their experiences with other rough. For example, I would like to share with you, now that I have not thought for months! (I write about a meditation class, I was on the Big Iceland of Hawaii)

"Spring Spring Spring! Friday, March 23, 2007 ..... I would say that something has begun to make progress in my meditation class ... lundi.Il that day was really terrible. Pensiero Each is an island for to  Shipwrecked and love. Aimlessly, but try. God alone was horrible ... gray and all the self-distortion of the mud and slush, snow denuded of trees and other features of a truly terrible day for the environment in my opinion. I went to meditation classes in the middle of a trance with a devil on his shoulders ... "

You see, even if they do not have the experience at the same time, I am very grateful to me stesso for Schwrite about them. Had I not, I've never realembered it!

When we talk about a piece of time that the piece of time seems to have a uniform height (this was a time, it was good, it was horrible ...). However, during the movement of the registry, and then re-read his newspaper, al momento, it may be the archaeologist of his experiences. You can color and samediprier every day. You can use the beauty of the small moAnforderungen: 3 seconds with ar Humpback whale under water, in this momentola Chihuly Gardens 2 butterflies when he was on his fingers, squid in his diving mask, that when his friend swore that he had a bottle of water with his mind.

If not daily, the risk that these gems, experience slip through your fingers like sand in an hourglass. Risk that this little light lights up the path where you are now once again drown zuimmer clarify their vision. Do not risk the Juwelen! Did their support.

And travel. Snap pictures. To do the drawings. Writing poems, you complain, it is inspired, to be brutally graphic and microscopic COMECE on a train in India, is the worst I have ever known. It was worth it, but I can promise a value of millions of their own.

Every day, an old experience with a new Th

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US Travel

Travel in the United States is like a trip to Europe, politically. There were many, we all agree on some things, but they are different approaches to things.

For example, all Member States have agreed to be on the right side. (Sorry, the former British Empire, friends!) But you can not reach an agreement through which you veloce.Se Interestatal auf a street in the middle of the nulla, the maximum speed máximaum May 60, 65, 70 or 75 mph (96, 105, 113 or 120 km / h), depending on what was - and if you are in a state in which the maximum speed is 60 mph, do not want that for about 75!

If you come from other countries such as Russia, Canada, China, Brazil or Australia, the United States is much bigger than we are accustomed to. If you are from all European countries with the exception of TURKEY or Russia, the state of Texas alone is larger than the entire country!

The United tanmewhere States should not cross in one day. And that raises the question of how so much, while the transport system is very low when compared to most parts of the world. If you are in Hawaii, it is likely that the wind. The plane is probably the best option for your rendre after Alaska. But if you spend your holidays in 48 contiguous staten, you can or low-cost flight, car or even most cases durcheine combination of nacionalidadesnal, regional and local trains and buses. Amtrak long-distance and long-distance buses for Greyhound and its affiliates. Cycling is also an option if you have the time and the leg.

Accommodation aux Etats-AE is very similar to any other place, with a number of hotels, motels, and in large cities, youth hostels. If you travel or backpack with a small budgetequipped, of Hostelling International USA hostels CIRÜber half the states, including Hawaii. And the United States pecadoce is a melting pot of cultures, even in small towns often restaurants with the kitchen on the basis that in other countries, and probably many scelteprodotti food on their way

Travel Tips

Travel in the United States as I have already retired and working in the country to find the differences in demographic characteristics. Information for passengers to purchase some form of assistance for road and other guarantees that the cancellation of other insurance, such as flights, hotels, train bookings, etc. The small penance to pay for the help at the right time and the needdétourner Termination (Hurribastones and cruises), and these things happen. The cover is not like some things that you buy a mixer to Sears and ask for the extended warranty BLAH! If you know that there is a cancellation of the purchase! AAA or some form of roadside assistance, you should! After a trip to Alabama I've locked my keys in the car online Ole Kentucky AAA was there and got my keys in monvoiture finished before I started my last piece of my three pezzi  Food (KFC)! Deal is always ready can not predict what the people think that lawyers BLAH! Do not too much money in Southern California, where I was constantly asked to buy in cash, and in Mexico, he will say that these providers VISA, MasterCard, Il NOT accept credit cards, cash as Quen is theft and identity theft with a credit card and debit card only one line of a war with your bank for Tornare WHED is again the United StatesTen. end of the online backup is a backup plan to travel smarter, travel essays, and under the condition that the income review, before the area received a notice of receipt and the settlement of disputes transitiontion period! The words of that old passenger! Merry Christmas

What you need to know about travel in the U.S.

All I can from my experience in the United States. I was in the eastern part of the United States, with the exception of New England. New York, New York, in particular, has much to offer, culture and restaurants. The best restaurants in New York as the rest of the United States are not the Mc Donalds or Burger King, at the local level and depends on the tastes of tourists.

New Jersey is another place, the Reputazione to a "squeeze" between New York and Pennsylvania, but an opinion is unfair. New Jersey has many beaches, including Atlantic City. New Jersey is also one of the best dentists in case of necessity, they are in one. My name is Teresa Baugh, DDS, and was the service to Newark, New Jersey, USA since 1990.

Pennsylvania QuakerMonuments might remember that the scuolementi and the Amish. Philadelphia is alsoexcellent, but not the taste of New York, but to see Independence Hall entreesting. Pittsburgh is a place worth visiting to see the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Maryland and West Virginia are the mountains, while the Delaware is famous for its beaches.

Michigan is a good place to see where Henry Ford built the first machine and the Motown Museum. Ohio is the Rock and Roll Htous lala reputation, the Hall of Fame football, and the city of Hudson [A Colonial Town ina 21st Century].

Kentucky, where he puedee Kentucky Derby is the place of birth dLincoln and Kentucky, where the chicken was dismissed. Tennessee is the place for the Grand Old Opry and Sunday Records Recording Studios, where Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash began his career as a singer. Virginia is the site of Jamestown, and Virginia Beach.

CarolineCarolina north and south are home to the Carolina Panthers, great beaches, restaurants, and [with fresh Produkten].

Georgia is in my head in Atlanta, the CNN building, the islands of San Simón, Savannah, the islands and the sea

The Florida is ideal for the Walt Disney World, Sea World, Miami, Florida and the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are known for their Key Lime Pie and Down to Earth in the way of life. Key West, Florida, is known for the La Concha Hotel and the Hard Rock Café on Duval Street.

My best wishes for those who travel to the UnitedUnited States

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Birthday travel

Travel is important for everyone, but especially for Americans, because that gives us the possibility of different cultures from ours. Americans - especially young people - tend to believe that our way is the only way, and travel is an opportunity to learn. Other countries do things differently than we do - or not better than us is the evaluation of each situation.

I have naively believe that it is "World "quiche person went on a trip to Ireland for 6 weeks in the summer of 2002. What you need experience has given us eyes to how little is known about the world. Ireland is an English speaking country, so one might think that the tariff is not much, but it would be a mistake. Since on board the plane and took a taxi and was my first crib gaucheErdo on the street (he thought of dying, whole), I was sabíaYo in a new world. I have a neueeine Language (English and Irish)New foods, new landscapes, new sounds, my first trip across the country (Landscape) My first time in a real castle, and other experiences I ever had when I stayed at home.

Since this trip, now make the effort to learn more about other countries and cultures that are not pasicias other countries. I tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to learn a different language. Éves, I thought of other countries or to extend to meineizzonti.

The fact ist, you can learn a lot from television and books. I have many books about Ireland, before beginning to prepare for the trip, and I was not all good. I had to lay, and I do not experience. E, "as the old saying:" I hear and I forget. Voe me, and I remember. And I understood.

Travel Importance

  Travel is important to expand our horizons. Perhaps we know what is at home. How can we know the value of what they have less to do, what is it? Or perhaps we can learn something to our tables. Not necessarily in our country. There is so much diversity, the many cultures in the United States. Sorpresoquando I have always culturares diversis people in this country. I met and lavoratodit is consistent with the Polynesian, American Indian and Alaska. I have learned a lot from them. One of the most important things I learned about Asian cultures revere their elderly in Hawaii. Generation is an important and respected family. Surely that is a wonderful example of how a family should be. You can comoditàprOpium our house, family and lifestyle previsible.Pero may be, perhaps, there are only things that ABBEin cozy nest for our piacere. We never stopped, for the wisdom from our past? Sábadourday, we have never talked with a grandfather and where they live, or even if your stay? Better yet, why not plan a family by a family viaggiogenerazione. The experiences and memories are still valid for another

Why do you think that travel is important?

Someone once told me, as I said in French class. "You're not sitting here to know more on the desktop, you must stay! Is the only way that your knowledge." Well, because I think it's true! Can not learn in a class. Experenice Need! Travel is important to learn: learn to speak another language, eat the nourrituredifférents, other parties to celebrate another.What more could you want. Travel and learn this way better than hearing about the school? I mean, you remember what you learn English grammar and spelling. or all of the geometry in mathematics. or the way people lived in ancient times in the social sciences or cells? But if voViaggi to teach us is unforgettable! Terappeler all attempts! Trust me! try, go horseback riding! I promise that you will learnmore than ever before in a class

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Travel experiences

Deprived of sleep, I am now on my flight to Anchorage yesterday afternoon, so forgive me if I Babble. I came home in Florida this morning and was not to sleep on the flight. But I wanted the feeling of my adventure in Alaska last week, while it is still fresh in my mind.

On Monday, we went south of Chugiak, Alaska, north of Kenai in ancoraggioge --  the views were incredible! We sencabezó the Center for the conservation of wildlife in Alaska Portage - are a wonderful thing with the wildlife! Dinner at Jack Sprat in Girdwood is delicious!

After the night in Kenai, Homer later. There we have a water taxi to our final goal - Shelter Cove Wilderness Lodge Halibut Cove views. The next morning we have with our guide, Jordan, Tres Mead Moosew Service Guide and walks in the park and KACHEMAKalucía Grewingk Glacier Bay.

Our rooms are rustic, but comfortable - the pavilion is home to only 12 people at a time - and the cabins, while only a small boiler to gas in them (no water or electricity), no worries "in any way. A municipality with water is only a short stroll from all the stands, and almost 22 hours sunlight during our stay, Hanon does not need electricity or flares. ABBE are conquered dinner before returning to theWater Taxi in Homer, and came to us with BROUGHT hostel. Then we have a brief tour of the hostel and accommodation which are in the comfortable Yurt (a "tent" in the class), a Sea Otter in the river, as he ate a meal of mussels at the end. The views were outstanding - eagle on his head, and a seal, which Collent tempsta time at the top to see us.

Breakfast the next morning in Yurt was filled with a Mistion of hot pancakes with syrup, yogurt, granola, bagels with cream cheese and French pressed coffee! After loading the lunch break in the package today, we find its way into the lead in the saddle of the park.

The hike is a good career, and more - a "play" (I - 40-something girl from Florida with a simple coordinareur office) étéun something "difficult, at times, particularly since only about 30% vision in my eye destro. I was slower than the other three women  , and our guide, but never has the back and was able to reach them if the height of the track. We were able to laugh and joke on the line, and Jordan is an encyclopedia of knowledge of landscape and wildlife of Alaska.

Once levels of different people of the glacier, we pureprend speed and quickness came on the glacier sea kayaking. The view is incredibilmente Bella. Jordan, that we are in the water, wear life jackets and Fanggecouncils, and gave us a brief lesson on paddling kayaks.

Remember when I say that eraun "Flatland?" Well, the girl from Florida is a little afraid of the dark water, which I see on Thurs, and I have never kayak or rowboat. Jordan, but has ensured that all feel safe and protected by the state, and I was not my cousin and his friends from Alaska to see my fear. She said: "is not for sissi Alaska" and I was nicht to show that it has done in Florida Sissi!

We are a kayak miles around some small hills, and were conducted face to face with the glacier. It is great guardareancora and one miles away. We can hear the groaning and cracking of our lunch. E 'stato incroyableble!

Too soon we had a tearing of the beauty and begin to hike back to camp. The taxi ACVoraussetzung has for us and brought us back to Homer in the Zince, dinner and relax in the whirlpool in Homer Inn & Spa on the bed before crawling. The next day, before returning to the Chugiak, allows us to massage ... a perfect end to a perfect escape adventure!

But I must not fail to mention our dinner at home in Girdwood ETL musk doubled. Fabulous - and hard to believe that I eat Cajun Alaska! The icing on the cake aufP

Travel experiences

Deprived of sleep, I am now on my flight to Anchorage yesterday afternoon, so forgive me if I Babble. I came home in Florida this morning and was not to sleep on the flight. But I wanted the feeling of my adventure in Alaska last week, while it is still fresh in my mind.

On Monday, we went south of Chugiak, Alaska, north of Kenai in ancoraggioge --  the views were incredible! We sencabezó the Center for the conservation of wildlife in Alaska Portage - are a wonderful thing with the wildlife! Dinner at Jack Sprat in Girdwood is delicious!

After the night in Kenai, Homer later. There we have a water taxi to our final goal - Shelter Cove Wilderness Lodge Halibut Cove views. The next morning we have with our guide, Jordan, Tres Mead Moosew Service Guide and walks in the park and KACHEMAKalucía Grewingk Glacier Bay.

Our rooms are rustic, but comfortable - the pavilion is home to only 12 people at a time - and the cabins, while only a small boiler to gas in them (no water or electricity), no worries "in any way. A municipality with water is only a short stroll from all the stands, and almost 22 hours sunlight during our stay, Hanon does not need electricity or flares. ABBE are conquered dinner before returning to theWater Taxi in Homer, and came to us with BROUGHT hostel. Then we have a brief tour of the hostel and accommodation which are in the comfortable Yurt (a "tent" in the class), a Sea Otter in the river, as he ate a meal of mussels at the end. The views were outstanding - eagle on his head, and a seal, which Collent tempsta time at the top to see us.

Breakfast the next morning in Yurt was filled with a Mistion of hot pancakes with syrup, yogurt, granola, bagels with cream cheese and French pressed coffee! After loading the lunch break in the package today, we find its way into the lead in the saddle of the park.

The hike is a good career, and more - a "play" (I - 40-something girl from Florida with a simple coordinareur office) étéun something "difficult, at times, particularly since only about 30% vision in my eye destro. I was slower than the other three women  , and our guide, but never has the back and was able to reach them if the height of the track. We were able to laugh and joke on the line, and Jordan is an encyclopedia of knowledge of landscape and wildlife of Alaska.

Once levels of different people of the glacier, we pureprend speed and quickness came on the glacier sea kayaking. The view is incredibilmente Bella. Jordan, that we are in the water, wear life jackets and Fanggecouncils, and gave us a brief lesson on paddling kayaks.

Remember when I say that eraun "Flatland?" Well, the girl from Florida is a little afraid of the dark water, which I see on Thurs, and I have never kayak or rowboat. Jordan, but has ensured that all feel safe and protected by the state, and I was not my cousin and his friends from Alaska to see my fear. She said: "is not for sissi Alaska" and I was nicht to show that it has done in Florida Sissi!

We are a kayak miles around some small hills, and were conducted face to face with the glacier. It is great guardareancora and one miles away. We can hear the groaning and cracking of our lunch. E 'stato incroyableble!

Too soon we had a tearing of the beauty and begin to hike back to camp. The taxi ACVoraussetzung has for us and brought us back to Homer in the Zince, dinner and relax in the whirlpool in Homer Inn & Spa on the bed before crawling. The next day, before returning to the Chugiak, allows us to massage ... a perfect end to a perfect escape adventure!

But I must not fail to mention our dinner at home in Girdwood ETL musk doubled. Fabulous - and hard to believe that I eat Cajun Alaska! The icing on the cake aufP


Cambodia is a country not for the faint of heart, but it is not to be missed. When I arrived, he traveled for five months and this trip was more than thirty countries. Un po 'naive, I believed as experienced travelers and Blas dangers that Western travelers have been confronted with the voice.

In Phnom Penh, the capital, I met five other passengers and Hauss hattled in an ordermy time in India, Nepal and Thailand. Planning is a month in Cambodia, and if the start was to go something that reminds me a lot of luck with him. The six of us a cut every dollar, and the driver of a taxi to buy the marijuana leaves on the local market, not wait. We thought that you have fun if we have a bag filled to the top with the leaves, but bientot to understand that this is not unusual. In fact, it is legal to purchase and Marihuana smoke, but not sell them. This is from a few years and now I have from the holidays, but from what I hear, not much has changed.

While in Phnom Penh, we saw how the war has devastated the country. Were on every corner, to beg, because the legacy of landmines. The weapons are everywhere, and even the army and policeavoir information about an opening, the right step, umeinem crossroads.

However, Phnom Penh, is a jewel in the Krone of Asia. We have the unusual tourist markets, the river, firing stun grenades and AK47 cows walking in a field, but the Main Draw has been a terrible death camps to visit, with the Memorial human skull and the school was the scene of some of the worst atrocities of the Khmer Rouge . étapeFriant This is a sad experience for all. Although unpleasant, is that the face to face with the extremes to which men, not importa what  They think about the world we live in, it is clear that these things still occur if Rwanda, Eritrea and Eastern Europe. We face what we have seen, in some respects, he turned to alcohol, other drugs, but the others are within ine.

After a few Djoura and unanimously agreed that the north to visit Siem Reap. We have a minibus in the capital on the Tonle Lake (Tonle Sap), the largest freshwater lake in Asia, said there were at this time.  Podríamosentonces one of three types of night on a boat for the boat ride around the outside, with a stop in every city and village, over twelve hours on the opposite shore, and the tail dpesce and the boat could be that the distance in one few sick aiseheures, half of the pot. We chose the central lane. It was a double-boat, forty feet long and bring the animals and most of the interior and the crazy days seniority "tourists or dem roof. Although all six hours to reach Siem Reap.

We have found and the first few hours, in the shortest time. Sappiamos that some of the residents, sharing food, drinks and a happy time as vieuxTouristes Westerners are supposed to have. It was a mix of Americans, Canadians and Australians, but also some Europeans of various nationalities. Even playing cards and began to learn a little more about THETHE history.  What needs to be done in six hours, after all? And then motordetenido.

It was noted that the propeller is statoNon or broken the fall. Tonle Sap was so deep, there is no hope of recovery, but if the langueGnos including the exchange of one and that the team would be on water and adaptation. Now, I must confess that I do not know that the Titanic in Cambodia, but the propeller from the cave to come, or if one of its ships and Schwester are huge in comparison with the unoprevisto questobarca they need. Then, however, is not a member of the crew is from one side, followed closely by the propeller, the rope. It took four men to reduce and maintain.

It takes more than an hour before they are ready to begin, and I hope that the worst is a few minutes in my life happened in that time. Since the engine was not set, the channel was from the mid-Kreuzungnof the lake, that was for visiting boats, yinadvertidamente drift fishing zone. There were people screaming in bateauxde fishing, even if the inhabitants of the village and called again to explain what does not stop fishermen.

Some shots were fired at the ship, and those of us in the ceiling remains flat on the deck. Chaos in the middle of a lot of accusations and was restored to the time without a serious accident. A shot hit the ship, a series of forums, bereits existence. LosNo something 'more bags and goods in luca to lose, but at least nobody was injured or killed. The boat is a few minutes later, and despite the propeller was not stable, we were in Siem Reap in security. If he is on the local Police in a handful of English that one can say that this was normal and there is nothing we can do.

In house fin. explain what happened and the owner, who speaks excellent English and French accentish, French and Thai cleverly nodded and said that it very often. He added that the best way to fly, because the cost for a boat ticket, and almost never crashed.

After the shock of the boat, in the next few days we will do everything it is worth. Angkor Wat, the largest collection of temples of Angkor and architecture still all surprised, but it is a story from another Aktionltra gefütter

Travel experiences off the beaten track

The first time that I have the task of writing an article about a strange sight Pispala, Tampere, Finland, I have a journey in the style of this article, full of tips and tricks for the stay abroad. I have the seats, and ideas what to do in a day for passengers to follow. But soon I found myself also, the pavimento1997 when I spent a month in Pispala, and  I found a style of travel that would be too banal and half, to describe the diversity and multifaceted nature of this place. I remember my first impressions Pispala, and how I felt when I was there. Even in the short interval of one month, I began to feel in the community and the Bohemian spirit discovered that I found during my stay. I can honestly say that you are in new retourne Inghilterra after my stay there.

Nell 'estate in 1997 was 19 Anoxia old. While the ships are not exactly from this point in my life had already been halfway around the world on my own, I was not around the world show. I lived in Epsom, Surrey, where I met Paape, and quickly became best friends. When he returned from England to Finland, I decided that I am him, I have the money for the then (nuova easy task, as I was unemployed at the time) and in the summer of 1997 I wason a plane to Finland for a month. I always wanted to noravelling that are in a family, a little, "and of course in my life as an adult. My vision of life at the moment is not to say the least. I left the school and was unemployed, to live , one day at a time and enjoy my youth. My Gothic and Punk was tendancesagentil my appearance, my sport and many Pierrung face makeup exaggerated, tribal tattoos and shaverte head. Epsom, although the majority of students inhabit still very conservative and rich community, and relatively disadvantaged in their views of life. It is not unusual for me to comment about rude passersby on the street in Epsom, and then the business gardeias security means that someone who seems to be stealing or other crimes.

I arrived in Helsinki Flughafenspäten the evening of Friday 13 June 1997. By the way  if you buscandog for cheap flights, try a 13 on Friday, very few people who fly to this day, usually cheap flights! I was at the airport Paap and his father, then Paap for his parents' home in Mikkeli, where I premièrejours my stay in Finland. After attending a music festival and learn to understand a little Enon with the Finnish way of life, it is time to go home zurückkehrenn Paap Pispala. One morning we started our pockets and Pispala Hitchhiker of Mikkeli. There were many ups and downs during the journey, the memorable, a car with heavy metal fans who elected us, near Helsinki, on the way to a feast of music, or éventuellesl "spirit of a concert . The morning after our arrival in Tampere. We are left near a park, and although I am sure that after the opening day, always has "the responsibility of the Luft about him, as if the tables, the buildings were neglected and fall at any moment. It is the kind of place where I can imagine the horror of the ghost stories and events in the whole terrible incident. I think this impression is not helped by UNEL that was very early in the morning, and a tranquillalità and quiet is palpable. Tampere, in this time of the morning was nearly deserted. All the shops and bars were geschlossen and könnteund almost believe it's nobody else in the world, except for certain car in the morning "commute to their destinations.

After a short ride, we have some measures for wood Cresting a hill, we came home in Paap Pispala. The property was etscondido at the end of a gravel road, which quickly ended after the construction, soon to be a forest with a path that I am a little "the road to this road until the end. Even though I seen in Englandhave, would have seemed strange, to suggest what seems to correspond Pispala. I think looking back to me an indication of how the place should be, but at this time, I was very tired after hitchhiking for a journéeet did not want to sleep. Only the time to the building and the lake view from the window before he fell asleep. I slept deeply, in spite of a day up and was fresh and ready to make my surroundings.

The first thing I noticed was when I saw the rustilocal charm of the building in. I have mainly made of wood, flat on the polished and timeless, and a very light gray, while most mBLEU bright colors and primarisettori furniture in bright colors to them. The presentation is unusual, he had through the kitchen to the living room / bedroom and a corner to get to the local hosts CER bathroom. There was no shower, and he said that many properties have not Pispala showers, saunas, as most are under way, even ifthey do not have, making a small camp to hear the apartment. All this has the air of rustic charm, a kind of feeling at ease in the cabin, but not in British herds Tweedy chintzy sense. It reminds me of the sea, I have more and more houses to visit Canada, where the modern Bequemlichkeitensind often for one or two weeks for the wood-burning stoves and washing in a lake.

On the first night in Pispala, we were both still on your travels  Andalousie come, so that only local went to the bar for a drink. The publication is linked to the business, from the path of Paap court. The presentation will be in Pispala other hills, such as a network of roads, over each other, and more paved roads only on SieViertel of the main roads, with some of these houses, only to an alternative route. The bar was in a street in a collaborazionelinea, overlooking a lake and a short walk to anem Pier, the sea. Once inside, it was not for the wood and the fact that everything is in Finnish, which could almost believe that they are in the year 1950, the American bar with red vinyl seats and tables. Paap was known, in this bar, and that his friend, I was Accolaund me feel at home. There are a variety of customers in the bar, but is by no means a long night, Grizzlevecchi man with the red nose THRción good opportunity for young women like us. And by far the mostMost surprising is that there are no visible cracks or class system, everybody talks with everybody and the age of 90 years, the man sits in the corner was so happy to speak with you about their beer, the young daughter of 20 years was to the top. While no word Finnish (with the exception of a few that I was taught rude) I have the efforts to aprendre short conversation, and I met all seemed apreciarcomió, in which at least has tried to learn a  little ".

As the helm of the first night, I saw the lake and was adopted by the rest. The water is calm, and seem to always, and the entire scene is permeated with what appears to be a ray of autumn, even if only half of June. The hue and orange derStunden Rrose look at regoleIl regulation of the city and what it seems almost surreal in its tranquility. If you can imagine that a city that is timeless and untouched by the modern world, in Pispala  Sunset in the summer is all. Upon completion of the shop next to the bar for some, in an apartment Paape for a quick dinner and a first night, after a few hours of sleep that day.

During the first week of Pispala I rencontréavec many people, and Esplorare many places, both in Pispala and the city of Tampere. However, Tampere is a modern Pispala. Although very Scandinavian feel, is not quite the charm and surrealism in Pispala ago. Tampere is a nice place, but there are many bars and clubs. In particular, we went to a club, was in what appears to be a large stone house with a DJplancher dance giardino.Ecco in a bar where I drank a test tube shots, colorful concoctions sold in the test tube Zuin containers of screws, offensive, in the colors green, blue and pink. It has been tested as a mixture of shooting, but I can not remember the name of them is about lang. However, remember to buy large quantities of them for the novelty, which could have contributed to the inaccuracy of memory. Until today, Tampere, remains one of my best memories of my trip, mioè This article is Pispala, then I will not dwell on the time in Tampere.

During my stay, Pispala we went for a week and a half to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, that's another story! On our return, alles, which was in mud and must be washed. Because the home is not Paap a washing machine, we went into the house of her aunt, the washing machine, sauna and bath turcoradicato party against the dirt. This is an outdoor sauna, sauna wood, with a shower. I remember sitting in the sauna, rilassarsich with a few beers and talk about the festival and what we do with the time I left a Pispala. After cleaning and fresh (it is amazing how  You feel much cleaner after a shower in the sauna!) NousJ'espère in our laundry at the end. In all this time, Miera constantly surprised by the hospitality of the people I met in Pispala. Although I was a complete stranger to them, there was a person who seems to come or not, for help pages, or use their services. The whole area has an atmosphere of almost Pispala Kny helpful, friendly, they are proud of their sense of good neighborliness.

WithWashing, yes, it's time to turn our attention to our shoes. Of course, the boots, he usatoal festivals are bound with mud, which hardened and needs cleaning industry. So I went to the pier into the lake for a cleaning session. Despite the passage of people on the WegNiemand seems strange to think that the wearing of boots and a muddy lake, of course, no one doubts us. In Pispala sembleque people are encouraged tothemselves and do what is necessary, without the usual British head of curiosity and wonder. On the dock, I had my first view of the lake. The dock next to a big house-style, until now, are not convinced that it is not a psychiatric clinic. There was a climate of institutionalization, but EigentumGNA. Grass was Grond, Muelle lake. Nobody seems to mind, and I remember a person back, I am sure you do not entgants, but if you do not own property are not worthy of access to the docks of your garden. The lake is clean and bright, far from pollution, murky water of the Thames. I felt almost guilty for washing in the sea of mud and dirt added.

Of course, as with most pcorDones I visited, the people who make the place, and Pispala is no exception. The eccentric bohemian atmosphere of the place is not chiarodente, non-residents as Pispala sample. It  Jouni there, lived in a wooden floor with a bathroom en plein air (which, unfortunately, was destroyed). Jouni even an old toaster fashioined Rotary son, burned more than toast cooked, but happy. He also has his propreou homebrew, which is well tested and TopfWMAs body good! Jouni has the appearance of an aging hippie, and the behavior of a puppy, happy and cheerful and full of energy. Unlike most people over 40 years in England, Jouni not on me, as if ich crazy, have tattoos or piercings, not ruin the look of my body or my bastardizing for them. As you can see that none of the older generations of Finland's distaste for the style of my choice because they are Inghilterra. Jouni seem to accept me, and I was too sucedidopy deal with the younger generation. But questoSono it was, a young and dynamic life.

Then there was a man I knew who makes the hair in bunches and carries plastic Puppen. I can not remember his name, was a long time ago, but I vaguely remember that he had a brother who, after all, as eccentric as him. From what I remember I think it is an artist. I norprende way Pispala an artist in the community. E mran to inspire and be amazed by the landscape and the population. Although a part of the city of Tampere, Pispala have their individuality and the feeling of a rural community on die whole. The living conditions are not limited to, the rule of the house or apartment can be found here. We visited a friend who lived in a almacena Paap, seemed like a factory or a warehouse on the ground floor, but Lae one page long open room. All this was in a remote area and offers a very spacious and privacy in a relatively low price. I remember that I wanted, I think I can be a place to live in England, but I knew theret was impossible.

I still remember the feeling of warmth and heard that I Pispala. This is a place where quatrelquiera can be for them, and encourage them to an individual and nichtdass a norm of society. I felt at that time that I heard, and that was not to someone who will fit into a predefined slot in the company was for me. Now, eleven years have passed since I had Pispala, and unfortunately I had to in theadjusting to nine to five hours of work and routine life of the work must cuSales. I am married and have more of the spirit was. I do not have the freedom to travel anywhere and choose avevidadía or a king in a moment. But I managed to change the look of my individuality. Now I have more penetrating, and even bigger and brighter tattoos, shaved head, but was by a head of dreadlocks with a range of bright colors andlean more to the style of Gothic and Rockabilly Psychobilly place. LamenMalheureusement, the United Kingdom of Great BretagnaGermania-modern criticism is, as always when it comes to the way of life, with the crimes of the injury, which Siete the time, as in the case of Sophie Lancaster tragic dereciente. My husband, who is also a person with the largest number of piercings and tattoos like me who grew up in England and is desperate for a better life in an environment that is freediscrimination for the way he chooses appearance.

Now he was eleven, I think it is a quiet and eclectic Pispala, and acceptance of people like me and my husband, so that we now remember to Pispala in the ten-Eight Lunesmil and again at a place where they suffer discrimination. Up until now, always looking back on my time in Pispala, and the people you will meet a sense of belonging and love, and we look orail day I  peuxou go back and feel at home is an other

Ways to travel cheaply or even free

What's best for your mother to relax and pamper yourself in a cruise? Even if you're on a budget, there are very cheap cruises to most of the "last minute", which means you can sail in May - the ideal gift for Mother's Day. There are many other dates, but so that all can find time to go.

Cruise was divided into 4 categories: 1) the Zielne (easy) 2) back, 3) Subsinstitution (cruises cheap in a sense), and 4) for the cruise nothing. On this last point, the ship sets sail for one or two nights stay at sea and passengers to enjoy the sun, good food and rest, and a part of his heart.

Most of them are pre-and post land packages (administration) are available. Some excursions. Furthermore, many lines crescitaières offer free updates to your cabin class. Make sure that  Queeste the question.

The shorter cruise ships are smaller, but in general, everything you need for a short ride. For example, Golden Princess Dee (in the first category of Vancouver), has 8 rooms, a theater, hall, casino, night club, bar, wine and caviar, player poker room Promenade shopping gallery, ice and pannanegozio beauty salon. I doubt that anyone even use all the installation of one or two nights.

I propose vor, if possible, until the spring of rooms with sea view, with large windows (not the small window). A cruise is much better (at least for me) that secapaz just the sea, maybe a few dolphins to your room and let the sun and the sea through.

A note on prices: Prices sonoper person in double room. Usually, you pouvezajouter the third and fourth person, unless the price.

I was in the Royal Caribbean MontaGARCH of the Seas Baja Mexico (popular cruise) and my family we had a wonderful time. The ship was very nice, there are many activities to choose from, and stood outside the comidasde! The service was excellent. Also in this case would be at a glance.

Look at the ultimo ultimo minute, some of the best offers for Cruise Line, which is often 70% or more of the avant prix normal. Some last minute cruise, and I thought that I found. Note, however, this schnell fill, so if the mother a little relaxation this holiday, Do not hesitate! (Prices are subject to change.)

1. From Vancouver / repositioning - Vancouver to Seattle
What: 1 nght Pacific Coast
Cruise Line: Holland America Line
Ship: Amsterdam
When: 15 May
Price: $ 59, plus Basque p., $ 97 pp for a balcony suite - Vancouver to Seattle
What: 1 night the coast of the Pacific
Cruise Line: Princess  Cruises
Ship: Golden Princess
When: 9 May
Rates: $ 79 per person (PP) ( announced that € 72 per person for internal or balcony with sea view) - Outside the cabin, with a view (the finestraTre), fridge, TV, two beds, the reinatamaño bed.
$ 93 pp - Outside the cabin copas a private balcony, refrigerator, TV, two beds, a queen in the

2. Based in Los Angeles - Vancouver / repositioning
What: 3 nights in Vancouver
Cruise Line: Princess Cruises
Ship: Diamond Princess
When: End of Los Angeles on 5/14/08 for 3 nights (2 days relaxing by the sea)
Price: from a minimum of $ 213 pp for the interior cabin. Upgrade to a chalet with sea view for $ 15 ($ 228 pp).

3. In Los Angeles (Long Beachh) - Baja California, Mexico - round trip, with stops in Ensenada

There are a number of cruises to Baja California, Los Angeles. Usw.oder a list of a few, and where I found.
What: 2 nights minimum
Cruise Line: Princess
Ship: Dawn Princess
When: Please check with Princess Cruises
Price: $ 199tutte Categories
What: 3-night Baja
Cruise: Royal Caribbean
Ship: Monarch of the Seas
CommentDimanche: May 2008 June 2008 July 2008 August 2008 September 2008 October 2008
Rates as low as $ 269 for the seaview
When: Maïdo 9, 16, 23, 30 and more than 2008 Date
Prices: from € 319
When: May 26-30
Price: from a minimum of $ 299 pp

What: 4-night Baja
CroisierRe: Carnival
Ship: Paradise
If there are five dates: 12 May, 19, 26 more per month
Rates: from a minimum of $ 229 for inside cabin, $ 289 for the seaview
When: 19 May
Price: from a minimum of $ 249 pp. IfYou call, you can have up to $ 50 Onboard Credit.
When: May 12-16 for a little more.
Price: from a minimum of $ 229 pp

4. Departure from Ft Lauderdale - Nassau, Paradise èterra - back
What: Cruise 2 nights / full day in Nassau
Cruise Line: Imperial Majesty
Ship: Regal Empress
When: Departures every two days
Rates: $ 129 pp

5. End Miami - Bahamas - 3 Nights

What: 3 nights Bahamas
Cruise Line: RCL (Royal Caribbean)
Ship: Majesty of the Seas
When: 6 June, 13, 20, 27, 2008
Rates: From $ 299
Cruise Line: Carnival
Ship: Imagination
When: 11-14 September (other dates available)
Rates: From $ 209
What: Bahamas 4 nuitsil includes Key West
Cruise Line: RCL (Royal Caribbean)
Ship: Majesty of the Seas
When: 1 September - 5 08 (September and date) Other Termine available
Rates: $ 249 pp

6. New York - 1 night Worldwide
What: 1 Night Dinner and Dance
E CruisLínea: NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line)
Ship: Norwegian Spirit
When: 6 September, 13, 20, 27, 4 October 11
Prices: from $ 169th Add $ 20 for Windows Vista Wednesday
Facilities: 10 restaurants, room service, 8 bars, casino, spa, gym, Schwimmba