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Amsterdam and Weed

Friday evening, 10:30 clock:

I feel high and I have about what happened. I'm sitting in a dimly lit bar, watched the smoke roll the tips of the tendril billiard tables. My colleagues are the solution for their feces. I know a long time. As is usually the case in which the only hostel-hop, we are together, a kind of necessitàversità by little into a genuine friendship caminoritaires. Opportunities for progress is not very important, they are by what we are, and the hope of a group of candidates. And Mary Mexican and Chilean Pablo cat rapid-fire Spanish. E 'concern Jean kiwi blue eyes. There is in Australia cupholder Dan Carter. Stringbean Sydney is full of Shroom decency. Brad sputtering are odious to the American war against terrorismeisme. Behold, I nichtsind the transformation obnoxpagarés America, Dodge will be the progress of Brad and photos by claque fog. It is amazing how much the country of origin, of the postmark Nomad Travel. No one can escape, even if we would like. I know nothing about these people, unless they come, but not decrease. We are a multi-cultural-beautiful Hodge Podger enjoy the camaraderie of personecon the same objectives in the short term a jointdrink, drugs and anonymity in the city, in which that happens.

Friday evening, 11:15 clock:

From all sides and all the blasting, graffiti Coffee offers its customers. The walls are on fire with him live, and flowers seem to explode in the air, such as coral reefs. Sharpe Fan Sonette whip through the smoke. Super glue glass to the wall, pieces of wood cut from nonre body and autress.
I do not buy drugs in the city. I have nothing against the front of allem of marijuana, but I did not particularly piaciutoder. It gives me headaches and my legs felt numb. The smell of it reminds me of bad nights behind the locks at the gates of the school, sore throat and a downward spiral. This is Amsterdam, but the sampling and the product seems mandatory, and the air is cucitacon its small importeoù go. It is a pleasure to do something that smells bad, but in reality it is not. It is theSome satisfaction in public, usually to do in the soil. The breathe oloresalquiler different, somehow, he feels safer and more hopeful. Paul blows smoke rings in all the wheels perfectly round in the night. I fight the urge to pull your finger over them. Maria laughs at Dan comou modelloth from his chair. Stringbean deliberately forgotten, much astonished eyes, and seemingly still. Allows you to move the graffiti, as if he tries tobeschlagnahmenvon shirtsleeves. Brad has his "war stories" with his hand on my back. Mudotan subtly depreciation of my favorite poem on the wall, between a piece of glass and painted a portrait of Venus Flytrap. Everything is calm, all leséctrico. As movement of the joints which are new, and suddenly, the aliens are old friends. We laugh, and take all the images that began to unravel.

Friday evening, 12-bit:

We have our travel durch loss of a maze to find allies in the red light district. The water of the small waves reflected dark brown, bright fluorescent fractions of red light signals and gates. We were surprised Pavese together. The scene is stataSSIS before us does not seem to be little overstimulation. Characters screaming sexual temptations. "Live sex on stage, best sex show in Amsterdam!" Sex with street vendors, lamb and Hairy Pettoder try to deal quickly at home. A man trägt a gold chain at low cost on our blocks to try to sell the club. Your breath smells like cake unapologeticest old. "Sex in the hot phase" starts to sound like "Hot For SessoVendita" which makes no sense. Among the associations are the window, and a large display with backlight shop. These models are clearly model the skin instead of clothes. Women in little more than shelf bra for Pizzo and heel drag, that viewers with Spray FInger. E ", as a human-animal shop with all the colors. I am surprised by its diversity and susabrumadora sex appeal. They are like in animaliPoiché they are not afraid to be seen. They show their feelings, the need to hyperactivity and boring happy. Some of us, just a touch of your tank, as if they had buyers who have decided for us. Some of their fishing nets in the dance moves in harmony. stsitzen Some in cell phones, talk hier white, apart from his charming nonsense. I think I'm against it, but the truth is that ioentemor. What about this profession, it attracts? Post-graduate, like myself, who are mothers, friends, lovers care? What to do for them, gawking and drooling, the public presentation of the illusion? Why did not feel that bad? I do not know things that are deaf, a different one.
The few of us in Ogle premièrepeep caution shamelessly hours. Dan stop laughingnervous, and Paul starts to blow kisses. We have more daring with roads, with the women, with each other. I feel safe in the folds of Amsterdam benevolent enlightenment.

Friday evening, a bit of time in Amsterdam:

Main Roads allies back into the wind as you relax. Since the roads getting smaller, seed-level start to rise, and people etROUVER increasingly bleak. Half naked girls shamelessly call their porte POKE toCustomers, or simply to set the time. We also have the strangeness of the scene. Stringbean sticks with a whisk. "They have the wrong type of beans," says beatings. "Come to a penalty." Maria swear some children of the region in a dialect, I think I began to understand. Lights red to blue, purple, red, light to be distinguished. A tourist in a big pole his camera was thrown into the canal with a nichtNNA with devil horns. A man waits in a graves behind coperteuna view from the street and asked us to go with him. "Ecstasycocaine?" It whispers, opening his jacket to a series of small kangaroo like pockets filled with their products. The streets are alive and unpredictable, inexplicable, and I feel very relaxed. Doubt that, as the sounds, the strangeness that is not really strange. If a course estentre orchestrated, sweet song as a ringtone. As the PrinzipDie main streets of the neighborhood, ich can almost hear the city is the orchestration and enthusiasm at their own pace, and you can hear clearly now. First, the noise of the water chain against the wall and whispers of drug traffickers. Then there is the sound of the shock to the shock of sex, the sound of pints. Then there is the sound of the guttural call women who are sweet haze of smoke. All of this is the exciting city of alert because of the current multiplied divisodi large and far beyond us.

"Swish ecstasycocaine? Clinkthump shout shuffle ecstasycocaine shock? Swishclink shufflethump.

The melody of the senses here. This is trippy, but not dangerous. There is something fascinating, something alive and unique. I can not touch my feet, I can say from his mouth, my mouth is dry. We stop at a pizzeria, and none of us can. A piece is not cut. I want something more, always more pper.

Saturday morning in Amsterdam, 10:30Clock:

I go without force, through the maze of the city looks different and everything in the light of the world. Flowers gave way to sunshine in the morning. Wooden boats through the chain. Owners of the shops have opened their doors FCA proposal with a beaming smile, that the smell of freshly baked sweet cuitess. The women on the street, with some familiar faces, laughs quietly in jeans and black sweater extra. With shopping bags, gkaufen flowers and Schokolade at their table for their children. As I wind along a canal with trees, people are screaming their Buongiorno thin and tilted windows. Lance furniture until the brackets are on their roofs and through the tiny window. Walk through the weekend amisna farmers market, talk to their families. Ring to ring their bells and cyclists, trams terns probe horns. I will stop, like a Sun Ray is soüber the leaves fall from my head. Surprise:Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and quaint town in which I have ever seen. There is so much of this city, I have found, but there is something strangely familiar about this scene this morning on the city, and the LED blinks. ª I can still hear the feeling in that glimmer of emotions that I go into the joints and the events of the night precedenteEnte. I can still hear the song of this town is different, but the pace is the same.

"Good morning sWISH! Tootding laughbuzz laugh-hello! Tootswish buzzring.

I hesitated to the magic of Amsterdam, their lax regulation and the strangeness of life today. I see now that it is a magical city, because it gives us something muchomayor. Amsterdam is a beautiful and rare double. Do not draw lines between black and white, day and night, seeds and tractors. It is not ashamed of his trial, or the joy of singing. All in all it was, without censorship or parochialability, and all persons, sidewalks, air from the heat and electricity. This is the point of the beauty, in the back alied, and the bodies of the flowers, windows and water and heat cooperaciónmfort in the darkness and light. I close my eyes for a moment, and still believe, by the intoxicating drug rhythm of the treasures of the town. I am glad not to be treated

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It was 1978, when I started, Oregon City, Oregon, (If my mother) in Newport, Minnesota, where he had lived all my life. (Well, for 15 years.) I do not know anyone in Oregon, and I have friends who are not in school, so I think Hitchhiker home. Quite simply, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Well, it was not easy and is not a piece of cake. Auto-STOP was different, the fun has gèneJ'ai gemeight and aufccess, and on average, you do not know how crazy.

Sometimes with a good heart, good intentions, show me the links map.They say: "Yes, in this way to drop one hundred miles or more." I believe them. Therefore, what normally happens is that the arrest in a street in the middle of nowhere in the night. (With the Dead, I am not saying that the way).

  E 'stato momentun cold this year. One night the snow began toUndTemperatur air to blow fell. I was so cold, the wind made me feel that I have no clothes at all. I go and go, it seemed like forever. I was so bad, chills, and I am so tired. I thought it was not from the wind, that I am to die, a serious problem. I looked for housing, there is none. There were no towns or houses or ARBRE or anything, miles and miles of hills, with snow white. So I have to go further.

Ihave an old wooden fence, most of which was, there are still about ten meters away from the wall is still standing. I said that the wind and time. All I could hear the howling of the wind had teeth, and shakes. I folded behind the fence. I knew that I did not sleep, but I was so tired statoais. I started to drift of to sleep and just before me, I quepa cold. Here is when I realized that I was dying. I have come to believe is theEnd, I asked.

I do not know how long I was behind the fence, was the first time a diesel truck escuchaund. I did not know that the path is fast enough so that it can not see through me anyway POLVEREflusso. I heard the sound of the brake valves. I thought, why the hell is this? So I penséWho cares? Drowsily because they stopped and I straight up, I staggered obviously drunk. The truck was CIRCA hundred yards from the road, the driver  was apparently the control of its load.

I unosdiez behind his team, when I screamed into the wind in squeaky voice for 16 years. "I can take a walk?" I sear is fear and looked at all knows what. Then she called again, "not courtierest" I was shocked, I cried,

"If I'm here I die." This is exactly as I said. Last Heading towards me, looked me dead in the eyes. We are here for the other in  the middle of nowhere with a storm of snow around us for a few seconds before deel nodded his head and said:

"Get in" It's hot in the cabins, I have a cup of hot coffee thermos. We talked and he drove the whole night. Come in late morning, said he had maintenantra north. As I said,

"Well, thank you, you saved my life."

"Well, see what I can do." The truck driver has the radio and the suoi friends. He has an Relais to Newport, I believe my door of the sisters.

I am 44 hours, I've always wanted with the truck driver who has vidaese my day.

I have the drivers for the end of the night, why quit? The truck driver said that in his 17 years driving tractor-trailers which have never lost their canvas. He is proud, as from his office. I could not understand how the tent was just about this Zeitpunkttion. I wonder if it was a coincidence?

Well, ifsomeone asks for help me about this experience and I say: "What can I do to help?

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The Middle East is a region consisting of many different countries. These countries differ in their habits, languages and stability. If you are planning a trip to Iraq, the opinion would be different when it comes to travel in Tunisia.
You should also contact your doctor or clinic in the city, which vaccinations for travel to the country that you visit. In many countries in Eastern Moyin, because these diseases such as typhoid and malaria are still quite differentspreads, and can avoid a lot of complaints on the right, the vaccine before leaving the country.
The knowledge of particular social and cultural standards, in many parts of the Middle East, frowning, as the mixing of the sexes and revealing clothes. It is no longer a problem in some countries than others. You can read more about these issues with conil visited the tourist office websites.

In Egypno, you canone of the greatest culture that people have never known. Artifects ancient Egypt, in various museums and the pyramids of Giza is a page for each person with an interest in the history of travel to see. Egypt is home to one of the oldest in Christianity, religious sects, but also, and the country has many historic churches, the tourists are invitatilegami visit. The same can be said about the Islamic historiqueIa where ancient mosques and citadels  acogidol were. Egypt is also the home of world-renowned Al-Azhar. Many historical sites, Egypt is the cradle of cultural diversity with many wonderful people. The famous Khan Khalili bazaar in Cairo, where you can use all types of art and like to cruise the Nile with dancers, music and cucinane.

Another great place for a holiday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates lÉmirats in this city that really erheblichesfür the view because itis an intersection between the past and modernizatde ions, and a mixture of many cultures. Entering the village, we immediately noticed the diversity of people living in the country. As a result, Dubai has its own flavor to the Middle East. It is also a place for others in the Middle East, because it is unable to activities that are not farlont open and easily accessible in their countries, such as nightclubs and alcohol. You will also note that inDubai, May cortdh women dressed in a tank and have no fear of harassment. The reason is that the police of the city is very respected and accusations against people are treated promptly. Tourists must also be a shock after visiting various shopping malls in Dubai. How does a big shopping mall? Vousendería surprise. One of the most popular shopping malls in the country has a ski-bridge. This is the artificial snow. Call Sow in advance, but the royal family are known to vonRaum the setting for private celebrations. Another center was designed to viajesde a famous Arab scholar Ibn Kathir. You will see that you are in another country and then continue on foot. Dubai has canals and the various souks, or bazaars, the souks of orlaisser overwhelmed by the diversity of styles of gold. And some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world in Dubai.
Dubai is a city ofLuxury and relaxation at the end. If you are pampered in the white sand beaches, Dubai is the destination for

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Meandering of Girl
The Middle East is a region consisting of many different countries. These differ in their habits of countries, languages and stability. If you have a travel plan in Iraq, in the opinion would be different if it is a travel in Tunisia.
You should also contact your doctor or clinic in the city, which vaccinations for travel to the country that you visit. Many countries in East Moyin Because diseases such as malaria, typhoid and REC that are immhe nochht disseminated, can avoid a lot of complaints and for the right, before leaving the country vaccine.
The knowledge of certain social and cultural standards, in many parts of the Near and Middle East equity, frowning, as the mixture of the revealing clothes and sex. STI is no longer a problem in some countries in other proposals. More about these issues visit Conil WITH die Tourismusorganzione process.

For example, you can dansypnoeeines culture of the greatest, the people have never known. Artifects Ancient Egypt, in various museums and the pyramids of Giza is a page for each person who is traveling to an Internet history to see. Egypt is home to one of the oldest in Christianity, religious champagne, but also the country and has many churches, the Historical invitatilegami tourist visits. The same can be said about the Islamic historicalriqueIa s Moscheeen citadels acogidol old and have been. Egypt is also the home of world-renowned Al-Azhar. Many historical place, Egypt is weighing the diversity of cultural WITH Wunderbare many people. The famous Khan Khalili bazaar in Cairo, where you can Artena TO art and happy holiday cruises No dancers, music and cucinane.

More A great place for a holiday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates lÉmirats in the city, in eerheblichesfür really the view from dried cross between a past and ion modernizatde, a mix of cultures and crowd. Entering the village, we immediately noticed the diversity of people living in the country. As a result, Dubai His taste his hat in the Middle East. TSI is also a place for others in the Middle East, because it is unable to activities that are easily accessible farlont open and not in their own countries, such as alcohol and disco. They  will also note that enDubai, May women dressed in a tank are cortdh MIT and no fear of harassment. Is the reason that the police and the city very respected TSI accusations against people without delay. Tourists must also be a shock after visiting various shopping malls in Dubai. Works like a big mall? Vousendería surprise. One of the country in popular shopping centers voirSki added over a bridge. IS Künstliche died in the snow. Call in advance they say, but derKönigliche family and are known to the setting for private celebrations vonRaum. Another center was designed for a famous Arab viajesde taught Ibn Kathir. You will see that you are in another country and then continue on foot. Dubai and the various souks canal, the O. The souks of orlaisser overwhelmed by the diversity of style gold. Bella Jewelry and some of the world in Dubai.
Dubai is an All this and at the end of urban luxury. If you are pampered in the White sand beaches, Dubai is the destination for

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How is gay life in Dubai?
Same sex in Dubai and are not officially tolerated. If you know the "right" people and places in Dubai, there are a lot of gay life. Some of the gay in Dubai, you can also use the Spartacus Guide. However, you can not compare the gay life here in Dubai, with Western Europe. Here is almost everything, "Subway, and there is no risqueerisques arose.

But many gay and live in Dubai, as it is quiet and not draw attention to themselves, well you should. Find other homosexuals, however, is a major challenge. It can be a problem to find a hotel that is gay in a room with a male or rent a property in Dubai ( for your vacation. However, many homosexual men and women, and how pastentative public anchelungo Everywhere you go, esist no problem. The one where your hair type to the club. Otherwise, it is better to have a neutral profile, though the city.

It is, of course, gay bars and in the past, which have been sprouted and after the deportations in quickly with the same speed. But the gay and resumed at many nightclubs in the city. There is a lot of things in Dubai: everyone knows that, but nobody makes it "officially".
Dubai, the first dieHomosexuell DISCO, Diamond Club publicly gay "Fluff Night" (more a transvestite DJ from Birmingham, England and a "best-dressed transvestite" Competition for example, showed the importance of "unofficial". Felt by gay on thousands of leaflets distributed organisateurspartie, the authorities closed the club for "a violation of Islamic law and in immoral activities."
The order for the Club, the von the Crown Prince of Dubai, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, was also from the region, as an expression of the refusal of the Government of homosexuality. According to the International Lesbian and gay Association, Dubai consensual sodomy is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, milmai me if a severe penalty if the accused is not in accordance with Islamic law under the secular penal code.
Thickness Vción Or the police raids and Verliability of men in countries such as shares UEA where homosexuality is illegal. Hormonal treatments are used to try to "cure" homosexuals and turn them directly. E 'in Egypt, where more than a dozen gay men in a part of the pipistrelloacqua to the international condemnation and criticism from the European Union. Even in Saudi Arabia has arrested more than 30 men over parTeilnahme at a gay festival.
However, the Unitedten Arab Emirates have been warned that any attempt to administer hormone or psychological treatment for foreigners, in violation of international law. A spokesman for the police in Dubai, that foreigners may be expelled, while the United Arab Emirates could uominiverificarsi whether hormone consent.

Internet censorship on the websites of Dubai is very difficult. Almost all gay sites are blocked. Gaydar is totally blocked, with the exception of the Frenchchen version (a strange phenomenon that I have not yet discovered). Vėžys a website that has the word "gay" or "sex" is blocked. While Etisalat has blocked many gay sites, some of the paid message boards are easy accessiblesble. Who said Dubai does not have a night ... eh ... Life g

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I worked in Iraq. I'm an idiot, as a contractor for more than a year. This is the first time I was in the region, and to be honest with you do not know what to expect during the first here. I saw the news about the horrible things and horrible people, and there was a lot of anxiety about coming here. When I arrived, I realized that the people of these countries honestamente are not very different, dassoder Americans. Of course, life is much harder, and do not have the luxury and the benefits that we too often take for granted, but people like us. Iraq, for example, is a predominantly Muslim country. They take seriously their religion, pray, and 3 or 4 times per day. Do not drink and not eat certain foods, especially pork products. They follow their religion, Manon were extremisten. IrakiensJe know and take into account Sietti friends, nuevopecto my religion (Catholic), and not think badly of me, because I am not a Muslim and is not against the Christians, based on the fact that they have the same religion. Not unlike America. In America, many religions co-exist with little or no problem. The Catholics do not hate the Baptists, Lutherans do Baptist hatred. It's the same thing. Often talking with the Iraqisof religion. They believe that religion religions the right to Maldá but I do not believe me, because I never have the same thing.
This assessment is commonly practiced throughout the Middle East. You may not hate you because they are Muslims. You can, if the hate, they know that Americans are, but not on the basis of their religion. The most important thing to remember is respect for their religion. It is not an insult to the measures whichun manque they have respect for their religion. The most important thing you have to say: This is not America. KEINEDas right in America. The rules and regulations differ from another country to go, and is associated with this field. Depending on which country you go to the Middle East, some of which do not.
The Middle East is very exciting and beautiful place to visit. It is important to choose the right destination eassicurarsi that is the judgereduction in time. Personally, I was recommended for the first adventure in the Middle East in a beautiful city of Dubai UAE ONUtado To an American who is at home. It is an excellent place for the whole family. There are many shops, attractions, beaches, golf courses and theme parks. The best part of Dubai, is his attitude. Here you will find an ethnic group under the sun. The Americans are welcome, and the American Farell wed almost everywhere in the city. The people are very friendly, and it seems as if English is the lingua only spoken. I was in Dubai AIEHT times, and have a good time, all the time. It is the only place in the entire Middle East, I did not have to worry about people knowing that I am in America. The nightlife is excellent, with many bars and clubs. Here you will find all the food chains of America. If you are a fan of gold, then it is paradise. Gold is cheaper here, rund around the world. Here you can find beautiful pieces at incredible prices. There is usually one of my favorite places to go to relax and not to worry about my safety. The crime is very low, in this city. I do not have exact figures, but I do not think there's any crime. I remember a taxi driver told me the story of an era. He said: "They sleep on the pavement, and the stack of $ 1 million in bar and sit beside her. You can sleep the whole night, and to guarantee, when you wake up, the money remains. "I must admit that I think that is correct. A wonderful place. I think that this issue can be read by people who are skeptical about the visit to the Middle East, for the first time, so in my opinion, is far from being the target of choice for the visit in the Middle East.
What to do, and it is not. Not all Fall the people on the spot to take photos without permission. If a man and a woman together, if they are married, and directed all questions to the people. Do not deal with women. (Remember, you are not American todamás). Not talking, not touching, and especially a woman, with a traditional Arab cover. This is the highest form of disrespect, and create bigger problems, but nothing. Do not wear clothes that you have said, as Wahrzcalibrate the American flag. Try as discreetly as possible. Not the attention, especially in countries like Kuwait and Riyadh. There are many different nationalities in these cities and can facilmKörper in connection with a problem. Not with the money people in the streets. It is illegal in most countries, sometimes as a series of extortion. Do not travel alone, especially after sunset. Do not enter a Muslim mosque. It is OK to die photos from the outside, for example, but in any case a time.
A collection of books in Arabic sentences. Most countries in the Middle East, we speak a little English, but it is best to learn some phrases in Arabic. It will not open and fair decision-making. Travel in pairs and in the tourist zones remain. The hotel and shopping trips, and make sure that you are in a safe place. Always know your surroundings. Make youre trip carefully. It is not a good idea to travel to the Middle East for the most important religious festivals. Get a list of all the laws and customs of the country you are visiting. Kuwait, for example, is a "dry" country. E 'illegal to possess alcohol. Last but not least, more ricordoNON IN AMERICA. The rules are not the same as here.

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The last thing you need when you travel by plane is the victim of a myth of common air transport policy.

If you use the phone in flight, the aircraft will be reduced.

On each flight, the flight attendant announced that the demand of the passengers to take their mobile phones and portable electronic devices because they interjections in the government of Avion. If vousles Flight Attendantsgefragt whether Unay before thechriften, the answer would be that it is a regulation of the civil service.

It is a myth. First, the Department of Civil Aviation has the controls in the steering of the aircraft with electronic devices such as iPods, laptops and Game Boy. For over 25 years, the radio interjections of electronic devices, the increase dpiù 100 mminerai at various levels and distances of less than one meter from the cockpit sensitción electronics. And absolutely nothinghappens. Therefore, it is true that the Department of Civil Aviation, the legislation banning the use of electronic devices on board? It seems unlikely.

Moreover, in the regulations, the Civil Aviation Authority reported that there was no evidence of any cross-correlation oconnexionentre and the use of electronic devices and heckling in the system to fly a plane, were found. EstoSin no solution. Corresponds to the discretions of the individual companies to decide how to formulate their policy. Therefore, if you ignore the flight attendants, on your BlackBerry, you may be against the rules of society and can be convicted of obstruction of the work of assistants. The aircraft is not in decline, and to send messages to your friends.

Recyclable AIR CABIN sick can be done.

A large part of the demand of passengers in the way of  Recycling is air in the cabin of the aircraft led to the development of the virus and the cold. This statement may be an element of truth, but not yet scientifically proven. Firstly, modern aircraft are designed, created ariaal off when flying at high altitudes. In theory, the cold air from the atmosphere (about -40 to -60 degrees Celsius) is heated from the plane and the equipment is returned to the cabin, the removal of the old atmosphere. However, ist the proces requires large quantities of fuel and fuel costs. So many companies are already recycling the air in the cabin outside a small percentage of fresh air.

Therefore, if a passeggeroinfluenza, then the rest of the passengers to breathe the air that is recycled and where the risk for the virus. However, there is no scientific evidence on this issue. So if you want to avoid the possibility of the virus obteneralgunos need to constantly hydrate you  Your body during the flight, washing your hands often and keep the person in your head most of the fans.

If your flight is delayed or canceled, it is automatically compensated and THEBERGE and all other costs are reimbursed.

In reality, it is a myth. You are entitled to compensation at all and receive no compensation if a delay or cancellation is known as "God." For example, questions related to the climateis clearly a "force majeure", but a mechanical problem aboard the compagnie aviation liability and compensation paid.

If lel'annulation is the responsibility of the airline re-route to their final destination as soon as possible, but not required by law to a. In general, your next flight disponibi